What is the point of revenge raids?

As far as I can see there is no advantage to regular raids, so why does this mechanic exist?

You can “get your cups back”, I use my raid flags almost only for ravegnes

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It does not cost any food.


You dont need to spend food to re-roll, just pick the ones you want


They may have to merge our answers :joy::rofl:


It’s a fair question, I think.

I hardly ever revenge — I think it’s been weeks since the last time I ever did at all.

Instead, I just attack new teams all the time, taking whatever I’m matched with. (I don’t reroll either.)

And it’s not like never revenging broke the game for me.

(Side note: If you ever get matched with me, take what you want. I have way too much food these days anyway, and I don’t care much about cups.)

So I think it ultimately is no different than just attacking teams in general, except for two key differences that I can think of:

  • You can look through all of the losses and decide which to attack or not without rerolling

  • You get the vindictive satisfaction of attacking the person who attacked you (though, notably, likely not the team they actually used)

EDIT: @Quarks123 pointed out the obvious third thing:

  • Revenge raids can’t be revenged back, so there’s no risk of losing the trophies you gain from a revenge win

I usually revenge for the food (and cause I’m really mad at the other player for raiding me).


Revenge, of course! It’s a fun option, for people who’d like to take a little revenge on someone who successfully attacked them.

As @Steve9999 and @princess1 have pointed out, it’s also an excellent way to save food by not having to reroll if you’re matched with a target you dislike.

While @Radar1 is right that you can get cups from the revenge, you’ll almost always get more or fewer cups than you lost. The normal ELO algorithm is used to calculate the cups you’ll win or lose.


Purely narcissistic satisfaction.


No one mention the best thing? You cant revenge a revenge, so you can save some more cups because no one revenge raid you when you have a high amount after that. You only can be raided normally by others.

I always revenge before raid normally


Because they must pay for that :smiling_imp:


I actually do revenge last. The matching algorithm matches you on current cups. So if you win a bunch of revenge raids, then ask for a matchup, you’ll get a much harder match than if you ask for matchups first, then do your revenge raids second.


I’ve never thought of that. I know I try to keep the weakest revenge teams for a later time but I’ve never kept them all for that purpose. I’ll give your method a try.

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Because honor demands it and if you don’t do all your revenges you are a milk-drinker! :skull: :crossed_swords:


If I make raids I never reroll, so its always free for me

Can you get a free reroll? If you do not like an opponent match, instead of spending food can you select someone to revenge, and get a different opponent after your revenge raid?

Or stated a different way, after the revenge does it match you with the original opponent or a new one ( thus the free reroll).

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Absolutely. I do this all the time :slightly_smiling_face: It seems not to have sticky state of who you rolled across actual combats. In essence, when you hit the “Revenge” button, the team you’re sticky-paired with becomes the revenge target.

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Revenge only if I get more cups back than I lost.

I also raid only matches, where the loss of cups is about 10 to 15 and the win above 40. It’s harder, but you still have more cups after two defeats and only one victory.

No fun to raid weaker teams either.

I often take the revenge option to test wierd combinations of heroes and/or stacks 4-1, 2-2-1 and 2-3 on the same opponent.


Can also help keep your base cups a bit higher because the people you revenge can’t attack you back again and you won’t have as many ppl revenging you.

I always revenge bc I am lazy and hate wasting food, need it for too much lol

I revenge when I’m looking for easy fillers for my Heroes Wanted chest. Im perfectly happy to revenge someone who stole 48 cups from me, even if I’m only getting 15 back. By the time I’ve filled my chest, i usually find I’m top 100 again anyway.


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