What is the next event for this month

Does anybody know what the event for this month will be wanting to save my gems for the next event

Gardians of Teltoc
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Cool do you know when it starts

Here’s everything you need to know about the events and their cycle: https://sites.google.com/site/empiresandpuzzlesrpgwiki/intro/challenge-events

I’d definitely suggest to save your gems and do some pulls during this month’s event! We have two 4* (Jackal & Falcon) and one 5* (Panther) with elemental defense debuffs that are definitely worth a try and will up your titan game significantly! Good luck :slight_smile:

The event will start next Thursday, 8th of October. All those events always start at the second Thursday of each month.


Thanks for the info now i know when to start saving gems and yes i hope luck is on my side when i do a summon🙏

8 november

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