What is the most status effects you have seen on a hero?

I was mid raid and i saw Kashrek had loads of effects on him… so took screenshot. Most I have ever seen. Anyone got more before?



This isn’t mine, but it has an image that might be the most status effects I’ve seen (11):


So 11 is the number to beat? That’s actually more than 1 status effect per hero on the board, so it’ll be pretty tricky to top…

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If we’re going to make this a challenge of sorts, I propose that it’s more interesting if it’s in a Raid/War than a map/challenge event level, since it’s easier in a PVE level to control special timing or use mana to get specials to fire.

That makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are also fewer enemy status effects in PvE, so that does balance out somewhat.

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