What is the minimum needed to finish the challenge events?


I just want to complete the events, I’m not looking for good clear speeds.
I don’t have that many heroes and I’d like to know if it I’ll be enough to clear all the stages.

I only have 2 maxed 3*, Bane and Hawkmoon
Five 4* heroes at 3/60: Caedmon, Sonya, Lancelot, Tiburtus, Merlin
No 5* Heroes.

Is that enough to clear the 3* and 4* events?


Since you cant use 4* in rare event depends on your other 3*.

Colorconfiguration with 2 purple 4* is difficult since purple is reflected.

In the epic you are in for a hard ride with Cademon, Sonya, Lancelot, Bane and Hawkmoon.

So I would guess if you dont have very good materials or luck epic is to difficult.
Try and see how far you get.

Max some good 3* heroes ( check next event ) so you can finish the next rare event without to much problems.

Good luck.


Thanks for the advice, I guess I’m going to stay out of this event and try to prepare for the next.

Where can I check when/which is the next event so I can prepare?


Go to the thread challenge event upcoming in the community forum.

In there you will find a post which contains all challende events.


Found it, thanks for the help!