What is the methods about defence team in alliance war?

Hi guys
Could u please tell me about alliance war defence team, I mean what should I consider when I arrange defence team? When the war is boost attack or other two kinds of war

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Well, I’m nowhere near the very competitive players, but I can give my take on it.

In field aid I go with full offensive heroes ( no healers at all ). But a healer on the wing with field aid can work too.

With attack boost I focus on stalling and survivability, more healers and minion summoners.

Arrows I use more AoE hitters.

Hope I can give some helpfull insights!


Roster is too dependent to generalize. But @Zsj 's suggested heros are a decent reflection of what I have seen in lower to semi competitive allainces.

I have also heard of doubling up healers particularly in heal war if your tank is a healer.

Probably the most important strategy in war for your defence line up is matching your tank color to the rest of your alliance mates to wear down the opposing teams color stack options deeper into the war. Ideally a hero that will help stall until field aid, arrows or attack bonus comes.

Faster flanks and corners are usually ideal.

Rainbow defence is ideal but in the very least dont have 2 of the same colors beside eachother.

Current meta particularly with Telly tanks usually thrive with Aoe heros in any war buff.

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Thanks u said in both arrow and attack boost just try to survive

Our alliance, theExiled, is small but we coordinate same colored tanks. This helps in AW when opposing team stacks heroes they reduce available heros for next go around. This method helps your defense last longer. See if your current alliance is using any defense strategies.

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Before I read the other answers, synergy is your friend. How do your defense specials complement each other

My defense I have two average heroes flanking a fast mana booster effectively making my tank and left wing fast and Mireweave just for fun even though Grimm is probably the better option.
You need to step back and think like the AI is playing, left to right. You set the parameters.

I know people will say Tibs, Mireweave and Li but this seems to upset people because the AI retaliates as soon as it is charged and a costume LI is a formidable defensive weapon.

EDIT: THE ONLY golden rules is take, at least, a wing healer to a field aid battle as your defense. You’ll do okay.

You may want to look here.


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