What is the Maximum number of teams you can have?

I’m creating this thread because I could not find an answer elsewhere. Either because it doesn’t exist, or was answered so long ago that it’s buried somewhere in this forum. Anyway…

What is the maximum number of teams someone could have? I’ve read ONCE that maybe it was 15. I don’t remember where I saw it, and internet searches don’t seem to give a clear answer. I’ve also read that it costs a cumulative 50 gems for each team you purchase (5 teams to start, 50 gems for a 6th, 100 for the 7th, 150 for the 8th, etc.). I calculated that it would cost 2750 gems to pay for all 10 extra teams. Is this accurate? Is 15 the max number of teams someone can have? Is my calculation correct? Thanks for any assistance.

Yes, 15 is the maximum number of teams you can have, and the cost does increase by 50 gems each time you buy one.


I have 5 now and it says its 100 for extra team

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