What is the longest one-shot streak in war you've ever heard of?

Kia ora all!

The impressive Mr Spock had a streak of 34 consecutive war one-shots in late 2020. I recently got to 35 and needed to win this nailbiter to try to keep the streak alive.

What’s the most impressive one-shot streak you’ve ever heard of? (and got a link to YouTube?) I assume there are some long streaks by ‘big fish in little ponds’, so there’s a qualitative aspect to how impressive a streak would be.

Thanks in advance!



Hey there! Welcome. I have no actual data, but my one of my alliance co leaders, I can’t remember him losing for ages. In any war he is consistently the war top scorer. I only mention it because I was thinking about it the other day and couldn’t remember him not going 6/6. Then your thread popped up!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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