What is the longest/most number of queue in your base ? (just a competition for fun)

What is your longest queue you have in your base?

  • You don’t have to be the record holder or beat anyone. Feel free to post your longest/most number of queue in your base.
  • There are 2 categories of record longest queue and most number of queue.
  • The building that have queue are Forge, Training Camp, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab, and Hero Academy.

I will keep this area in the main post for the record holder.

The current record holder is @angel_dust

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This is my longest and most number of queue.


I was going to upload my image but when I saw the one of @u2371

tenor (1)


this was a year ago; since then hero academy came and i can use them there; now at 2.7


I’ve never been anywhere near the top in this category.

Currently have a 30 day queue in TC11 and 50 day queues each in two TC20s.


:smile: :smile:


But I think I’m far away from the best



Wow… I’m impressed :laughing:. I’m sure there is somebody with at least 100k feeders in tc11.


This why I’m not in the race, I only have around 5000 queued. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Alberto1 How many Euro for 2.76 million gems to skip? In $AUD it would cost about $55,000 at the SG shop price!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


“You don’t have to beat anyone. Feel free to post if you want.”

What is your longest queue ?

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A result of brutal farming during Atlantis.

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@Tato That is impressive for tc20. 253 queue in tc20 = 75.141m food (My 25687 queue in tc11 it equal to only 25.687m food)
@angel_dust lol 100k+ queue. 104693 queue in tc11 = 104.693m food and 8724 days is almost 24 years
@Roland56 You are right that there is somebody with at least 100k feeders in tc11.
@Alberto1 It look like that you are really far away from the best :sweat_smile:
@sft1965 How much $AUD does it cost for skipping 5.23 million gems skip?

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$10,460 AUD at shop prices.

EDIT: (later) $104,600

Do you mean $104,600 AUD because 2.76m gems is about $55,000 ?

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You are absolutely correct. Maybe the number was so idiotic i didn’t believe it but I have run the calculations again and you are 100%

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I’ve found myself in a dilemma…

I took a few months off from leveling heroes to level my troops, and without really thinking, I started training all of my swords, and split my backpacks up into two TC2s. Thankfully, that ate up most of my recruit storage…


That last one is gonna take me forever to empty now :scream:


That is the longest tc1 and tc2 I ever seen. Thank you for sharing that too many queue in tc1 and tc2 is bad idea :joy:

9039 queue in tc1 = 22597.5 queue in tc11
3528 queue in tc2 = 8820 queue in tc11
7452 queue in tc2 = 18630 queue in tc11

I think before you use all your swords and backpacks, I think you have about 2377 + 22598 + 8820 + 18630 = 52425 queue in tc11 which is about 4368 days 18h !!!

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SG secret documents :spy:

Man1 : Hey, how many gems will trainings cost? Just for info other developers.

Man2 : Ummmm (thinking :thinking:) wait a sec.


Man 2 : just a trillion :laughing: :smiling_imp:


I just can’t stop it (do not want spend 1467746 gems) :slight_smile:


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