What is the least useful maxed hero you have and why?

They probably won’t ever see light again.

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And then I’m really struggling to find a use for my +14 Boril, my first maxed 4 star hero.

My 1st maxed 5 star, Aeron, is really rapidly losing his value as well despite being still the only maxed 5 star i have to date. But I’d rather use 4 star heroes than Aeron most of the time now.

Yeah, if we are talking 3* heroes I would say Renfeld, Graymane, Melia, and Friar Tuck unemblemed see greatly diminished action now although 3* Raid Tourneys that don’t allow Dark may see Melia or Bane+7.

Mine is Atomos. I only ascended him because i needed a barbarian and my only other potions were Obakan or Mok-arr and i did not need another purple as i have good purples. I emblemed him up to 11 and he still sucks. 200 dmg at slow speed, i dont know what they were thinking.

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My only useless maxed hero is Kashhrek
Why? He doesnt fit in offense so raid , tourney and titan are not suitable for him .
Ok some of you would tell me that his place is on defense …
Well not exactly

I need a healer ? I have Rigard or even in the same color a +11 melendor which does a better job healing then Kash.

On defense as tank?
Id rather use my boldtusk.
Kash is too pasive . He lets the enemy to work safely with the board.

So … I regret maxing him.
I Hope a costume for Kash to justify the mats i use on him

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For 4* heroes, I’d say Lancelot. He was useful when I first leveled him, but his low defense makes him really hard to use now that emblems are a thing. If I had leveled Kashhrek, though, he’d probably take the title instead.

For 5* heroes, definitely Guardian Owl. I maxed him because I had no one else better to use darts on at the time (and still don’t, really). Decent for wars and rush tournaments, but even in those cases I often have better options, and the owl just isn’t very good anywhere else.


She’s my 2nd most used yellow 3*, funny you mention her.

She has the highest attack stat of the yellow 3* roster, her Crit buff at fast speed is great for tile damage (and a slap in the face to Gregorion lol) and I quite like her chip damage to all enemies in helping take out Challenge Event enemies.

I personally think she’s much more useful than all the self heal 3* avg snipers I mentioned, and I’d even go as far to say she’s the 2nd best yellow 3*

For sure. I may actually move to emblemize her for Tournaments to use her more. Right now I utilize the services of Arman+18 and Bane +7 in Holy stacks against Dark. I value Arman’s ability to cut All-Enemy healing in half and dispel ailments.