What is the least useful maxed hero you have and why?

No, this is not another thread about S1 heroes being overtaken, but prompted by discussion with an alliance member who, like me, has been playing over 2 yrs, deep bench, some spending but wondering whether to do a small cull for room for S3 heroes. I usually say buy more slots, but let’s face it, there are some heroes we rarely use after a while… in anything.

Mine is Agwe… reluctantly leveled when I had no other blue projects but I have never used! Tempted perhaps in 4* rush tourneys but not even then.

Or actually, probably Vlad. I ate the ones I got year 1, kept one from last year but can not imagine ever doing anything with him

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Gotta agree about Vlad but at least he’s got decent defense and health for a 3. Mine would have to be Friar Tuck. The first healer I got and 2nd green hero. Hasn’t gotten off the bench in probably a year now. Lol.
(Just realized his special is still at 7, haven’t even looked at him in ages)

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He will make a good meal for someone!

Mok arr, atomos, gaderius. Just csnt find anywhere per my roster to use these guys. I could possibly come up with a reason to use Mok Arr but I would have to really be stretching it to level him. I dont even wanna talk about how useless atomos is, and gaderius being slow just makes no sense.


Feel your pain. My ftp alt got 2 purple 5* in the last 6 months… The galloping donkey and Mok-Arr. neither particularly loved

Sumitomo is one of my worst. Perhaps I’d find a use if I took him past 3/60, but he just waits for backup red stacks in wars anymore. I just can’t find a place for a solo counter-attack. Maybe if he had fast mana.

Elkanen probably has the worst power/value ratio for me. He’s my most powerful, but far from a favorite. A self-healer is fine for raids, but not great for events or quests.

Obviously a bunch of 3s are on the back burner, but largely because I gave emblems to a select few which makes them way better for events and tourneys. Nashgar, Kailani, and Tuck get no action these days.

Considering only *4 and *5, I must say Jabbar…Got 2 of them on last Summer Event took one of them to 3.60 and I think I’d rather use Balthazar in a purple stack than this guy…really wanted to at least get Gafar but RNG Gods decided to reward me with two of them…

Got Atomos about 5 months ago still is unleveled but I think he will get some use at 3.70 mainly facing many blue tanks in Wars…

Of all the heroes I maxed, it has to be Agwe. I had no blue heroes and the mats were piling up so I made a foolish decision upping that turd.

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I maxed Aeron in my first year because I had lots of tabards and no purples. I want those tabards back. Rigard costume is literally better than aeron. Rigard costume heals more (609hp over 3 turns compared to 459 over 3 turns.) it cleanses all allies not just nearby allies. And it comes with 48% attack buff. I leveled 6 Rigard costume for war and I don’t use Aeron at all now. If I got a reset for ascension mats, he would lose his tabards and I would give them to Seshat #2 who would actually see some play.

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I tried to fit them in in various places - maybe they just don’t match my play style. Lancelot is too slow and his buff is too limited. I’d rather use Boldtusk. And Scarlett can do anything he can, in terms of tile damage. Kelile I leveled up late, when I knew she’d never be a core hero, but…just meh. I’m not willing to give her emblems even though I have no one past maxed Jackal and Scarlett (well, no one besides Danzaburo, who is also not getting them) - I’ll just wait for a five star rogue. Ameonna I’ve never quite gotten the timing right on. I now have reasonably high purple tile damage options for purple without tricky mechanics, so I can’t see when I’ll use her again.

Levelling agwe now haha mainly for trial quests as now can complete the final stage with a bit of offence. Sure maybe get a better cleric down the line.
Always been kinda use what you got to get you ahead but saying that iv never took gormek or kelile past 3/60 being I got someone better in fire but lack rouge n barbarian :woman_shrugging:
Each hero does have a place somewhere in the game at a certain level where you are in the game.
Ohh @IvyTheTerrible love me ghosty took her to +18 hits hard saved my butt in raid n war even today 3 people hit her with there special in ghost mode made me happy! Haha

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Mine is none at the moment. All my maxed heroes has a usefull in their role.

Gadeirus maxed, he is sturdy and great in my green stack.
Lancelot is at 3.60, Gobbler 1.1, Agwe 1.1, Atomos 1.1, so it doesn’t count.
Prisca at tier 2 but then fed away, Renfeld, Dawa and Greymane all of them feed away.

I like Kelile, I plan to level 2nd Kelile if I can get more, because fast mana red 4* are so rare, only Scarlett which is squishy.

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Gaiderus and Agwe. I have seen Agwe used really effectively paired with Wilbur and Mok-Ur (who I don’t have) but feel you’d need to throw Grazul into the mix and the fire in right order…



I don’t think have ever actually used Agwe. Leveled it just because.

The question should be least useful maxed hero to not just become another worst hero thread.


Done… That’s where I started… Agwe is maxed!

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I won’t be able to comment here. There isn’t a max-leveled hero that I have that isn’t used for wars or Raid Tournaments at some point.

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I was almost maxing him… For real!. Then Lagertha came out of the costume chamber and saved me…

3* rarity, Renfeld, Prisca and Greymane are the most useless heroes I have maxed. I recall leveling and using Renfeld and Greymane as they were my first purple and blue 3*s respectively, but now why bother? Every hero in that color is better than them. Too weak in damage and average speed makes them terrible choices for tournaments and events.

4* rarity, Gobbler is the only one I have maxed and is benched for pretty much everything. Again, I maxed him out of necessity as he was my first green 4*, but I just don’t bother to use him anymore – not for druid classes, not for green stacks, not for anything. There’s better ways to deal with minions than relying on his awful defense to survive and shoot his skill.