What is the highest score ever achieved - is it still viable today?



@Slingbow it is an honor to have you on this thread I often feel alone in all this, you have my respect and I certainly appreciate you guys find value in a tool I initially created because I made some serious mistakes and hoped I could help others avoid… this one In particular has blind sided me! :space_invader: It will be interesting to see a response, I wasn’t aware there were so many staff members with accounts in this forum I was completely aware that @Petri was and to my knowledge well regarded. I’ve enjoyed several of his posts.


I view scoring here more like, say, a crew (rowing) regatta or a tennis match: conditions on the course vary from year to year; equipment improves over the decades; training techniques evolve. There is no “al time leaderboard” in pro tennis. What matters is how regularly you come out on top.


==Barracks and Classes==

Actually, they did not change the calculation, this is a classic example of Elo based rating deflation.

Which will happen again with the introduction of Classes.

The rating deflation - from Barracks or Classes - is permanent ( new players will have to spend longer to reach Gold arena ), but the temporary bump in maximum trophies comes from the math. To drastically simplify, it is like fighting with 3* Heroes, leaving raiding, and then coming back with 5* heroes. As far as the math knows, you still have 3* heroes. But as time goes on, Elo’s math is self adjusting ( as it was designed to be ).

==Trophies versus High Score==

You are confusing score with Match Making Rating. Trophies are the public value of your hidden Match Making Rating. It is used to find raid opponents.

The all time high score, in the current meta, is the highest titan damage multiplied by its stars. So 50k on a 5* Titan would be worth 250k points, for those keeping track of such things.


Many games without an official high score have challenges - usually organized on the forum - for various competitions.

In Pokemon GO, there is a competition to take down mid level raid bosses ( think titans ) using only Venomoth ( think only Layla - in fact a Venomoth is purple and poisonous, so there you go ).



Yup, this ^^^^^^

Trophies are not a ‘score’, they’re an Elo-type rating system to compare players with their contemporaneous peers. Would we say that the NBA basketball team with the highest historical fivethirtyeight.com Elo rating had the ‘highest score’? No. Elo ratings are not scores.


I don’t see why not we have a Hall Of Fame in E&P.

  • Add the highest level player lets say top 5.
  • Add the first player to achive a quest or some thing in which time maybe, make it some thing we aim to target it and beat it.
  • Add the most Titan Slayers in game … how many titans he/she killed and what stars were they.
    I think its great to let all the new players to see the game historical facts.
    And we are already having many legendary players who have to be on this Hall Of Fame.

So I support what @Razor is asking … and there is no shame in that … To know more … is way to be more greatful. Even if Trophies were not Scores!



Obviously something I consider shocking was mentioned, therefore my return to this subject…

Chess is a game of old, completely unchanged over the ages and its true players are very familiar with the games possible characters (a total of 6) and their movements which are entirely elementary. Nothing about Empires & Puzzles is elementary, certainly not to its players when it comes to understanding randomness, which doesn’t even exist in the skillful players of chess or the game itself. Though any topic can be debated, randomness in the context of E&P isn’t even within the same galaxy in regards to the degree of randomness that one might propose exists in chess. Within the context of change, E&P is constantly doing so - Chess certainly has not changed since the 1800’s (or most would agree).

This game I assure follows no single theory or ranking system, and if it at some point tried to it has failed miserably (simply due to its methods of evolution).

Even Elo has the highest Elo of all time. This in itself invalidates the proposal that E&P has no such thing. Even if it didn’t what follows does.

Anything that can be observed can be judged and when judging numbers they can always be ranked.

Again, revisiting the point in my thread which was clearly ignored by some of the commentators (2 specifically) - you are clearly of another age. Thus your answers are simply clouds you believe and that I blow over. You have less than zero credibility with me.

Most games display daily and all-time highs. E&P already provides them well ‘in the moment’. A solid number of players can identify the daily high that belong to an international alliance; as there is someone on watch passing along information the entire day in an organized group who is concerned with this figure.

Any player can open their "Player Profile" and behold there are the all-time high scores across a multitude of categories for that player. Had this not been provided to the player the attraction for most, if not all of them to even play E&P would not exist after a very short time. Certainly little if any desires to pay for anything, there would be no applicable reason to do so accept for the rich collectors.

So you see: given the FACT that each player has their all-time high scores stored, though perhaps data intensive, the highest of each of these can be easily extracted across the active player base. A simple application is already in place on TM for all time, with-in the context of its members who participate.

As a paying player I suggest without a doubt - an all-time high score is obtainable and should be part of this game. At some point if not heard by my request, a time will come when it is demanded by those of greater influence and to turn the deaf ear upon them will mean ruin. I would recommend their also be a daily high score using the time zone that the game is primarily hosted in.

@Gryphonknight @Brobb @Slingbow @Kerridoc @smore @Jedon @Kamikaze_Assassin @Starryeyedgryph @Rigs @MrsBCW

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I wouldn’t mind seeing an all time high score leader board.


All time high score will be great to have. A goal for new players to aim on it to beat it one day either with p2p (wich give SGG/Zynga more $$) or with time and hope for the F2Ps …
I support your fairly request @Razor and I don’t see why not point!


I 100% agree

I’ve always been shocked that there isn’t an “all time” high scores leaderboard in cups, events, titans and now maybe even wars could be included in that group as well

Even simple arcade games like galaga, pacman, and donkey kong have a storage of all time high scores

And yes it should be sortable by time zones, but should be able to see all at once as well

The games i mentioned are probably considered more skill based than E&P, but E&P does require some skill as well. Sure you can throw a mono team together or 3/2 and pray for a good starting board, but without being good at putting team synergies together and manipulating bad boards, good starting boards will only get you so far before luck runs out.

@Razor i hope @Petri and @mhalttu are paying attention and have something in the works either sooner or later to include more accurate leaderboards than our current system

We’ll see what happens


Totally agree with both you (@Razor and @Rigs).

There are alot of us who are quite competitive, who strive to be in the top 100 if only for a second or 3. An all-time high would give us a target to aim for, as opposed to aiming for #1 as it stands now.

Having the leaderboard in Events is great, allowing us to be more strategic and competitive. To have this right across the board would be the bees knees!


Here’s some screenshots of one of my runs the other day


@Calibred - COMPLETELY AWARE OF THOSE :sunglasses: we traded some blows!
Your a great player! Thanks for the competition! See you on Campus. RaZoR

Thanks for the post - great score!

Definitely :+1: one to beat


Hello! I’m finally getting caught up on some reading. :smile:

Oh how this game has evolved!

As Smore stated, there was a reset on how a number of things were calculated. Also, SG rather directly altered the cups scores at one point too. Honestly, it’s been a long time and I wasn’t directly affected, but players that I knew (Including LivLuv and 50) were given a small sum of gems and had their cups reduced. I’ll see if either of them can remember what they were at at the time. I can’t remember what the cut off was for this, but maybe LivLuv or 50 can remember.

In case anyone’s interested, I did save a screenshot of when my friend 50 first broke into the top 3 on the leaderboard. I know images can be tampered with, but I’ve really no reason to do so. But scores prior to this change really shouldn’t be counted if you’re looking for all time high score. What was possible then is not something I believe can be achieved with the current versions.


Finally there is some kind of visual proof! @Coppersky


Yeah there is no way those scores are achievable today. Especially the higher end.

Oppliger is a familiar name with the Sartana headshot - I’ve seen them around the recruitment rooms at some point I suspect.

I’ve literally spent the past 3 days watching the score and participating in it. I held the #1 spot I’m fairly certain for double digit hours at this point I just stopped tracking it (with the usual back and forth), the rest of the time either just watching. Some sleeping during odd hours and did eat something. There were 2 very memorable and frustrating times where once I got dropped pretty hard it was just what seemed impossible to get back into the top-3.

I didn’t set the high during that time and I can also say that it didn’t break 3,200 while I was involved. My high was 3,083. @Calibred got up to 3,169 - as he posted at the No.2 position just above - I recall that so someone was higher than that but under 3,200. I know that PickelXJ who was my most competitive opposition broke just over 3,100 I recall, however when ever I took No.1 back our scores were under that (and that went on for hours).

I appreciate the snap! I don’t understand really why they didn’t just adjust the game up with the scores. Regardless It would be a mighty fine thing for the dev’s to use the high in terms of the current release and provide an area within the game for the All Time High Score as well as the Daily. I think this would be greatly appreciated by a lot of the competitive players myself included.


p.s. I will come back and post screenshots

@Calibred You were No.1 last I looked this eve - trophies just under 3K


Well finally back to post some screenshots.

My high score is 3,083 as of 01-08-2019

I have personally seen the score in 3,1XX - just not rising to 3,200 yet - I believe that is possible, but I have not seen it.

If you look @Calibred’s High at position #2 (you will see the ‘No Opponents Found’ message).

I understood that to mean that there are no players within the 300 point range of - however there would be No1? So I’m still confused on this as it would put 3rd place at 2,811 when he was at 3,112.

EDIT: According to @Kerridoc the rule only apply’s to UNDER you @ 300 range

Anyway. Tonight I would have broke 3,100. However at the request of a undisclosed player I whacked @Heretic (pretty sure this was you @Heretic) whom revenged me the instant I would have achieved it!

So following is my proof - I have my High actually recorded.

These were taken over January 08-09 and January 17th of 2019. I tried to put together a fair representation of that time-frame.

As a member of Militia Misfits (@MrsBCW & @MrB).
As a Member of 666 : HERETIC : 666 (@666Sweetness).
As a Member of Go Rin No Sho (@Slingbow).

RaZoR-sIgNaTuRe RaZoR RaZoR-sIgNaTuRe

The high score to beat! updated as it increases!


@Calibred posted 3,169 (I was present for this)

Kamikaze_Assassin posted 3,202 - Malgar @ level 56 with Alasie (20) Grave (19) Zeline (20) Marjana (13) Drake (16) - the parens are for troops. Odd Tank - but can work I guess.

Kamikaze_Assassin posted 3,269 - @JimMayehem @ level 60 joined Crystal Palace 199 days ago. Misandra (29) Zeline (29) Guin (29) Grave (29) Kage (29) - I’ve seen JimMayehem in my runs - he is now level 62 - current trophies 2,615 210days a member. This checks out - this is the HIGH SCORE TO BEAT!

AS OF 01-17-2019 THE HIGH SCORE TO BEAT IS 3,269
(v17-18 standards)

@Kamikaze_Assassin - Thanks for your cooperation in this!
@Rigs - this is the one to beat!
@Rilf @Xero786 @Wormwood @Anchor @Uclapack - heads up.

I AM DONE! Thanks for your cooperation and patience with this topic. @Petri I understand the Edit - it’s all good.

The high score to beat! updated as it increases!


awesome, great work @Razor – love having something to shoot for even if I realistically will never get there. and grats to @JimMayehem