What is the highest score ever achieved - is it still viable today?

Hey E&P Crew!

So I have a :fire: BURNING :fire: question for you. I have been told different figures on this most valuable high score, and I have had individuals post scores through the TM site via our members LEADERBOARD statistics as well (which is to be an honest friendly competition with members) … that are questionable. I hope you can settle it for me.


Does 3,460 sound reasonable to you? As it sure doesn’t to me!

Its 12/14/2018 10:46PM MST in the USA and I’m looking at the LEADERBOARD, the #1 position currently is at 2,990. Their team consists of Misandra, Zeline, Guinevere, Gravemaker and Sartana. They fall 1 point short of Troop max across the board at a stunning 29!

That is a 470 point variance! Over nearly a 16% variance in regards to the claim of 3,460. That is too significant to be true unless something was overlooked or not corrected at some point in the game itself.

I personally don’t recall seeing it over 3,1XX. Yet I don’t try to recollect from the past with figures unless I have them recorded. I’m RaZoR - and if you know me at all you know I’m good with this. LOL, unfortunately for me I only started recording them on 10/21/2018! Oddly enough the highest score I have on record on random samples was on 10/21/2018 and it was: 3,146. So perhaps a dyslexic high score this person is stating from memory? They haven’t provided any proof.

Following are the dates and the trophy count recorded for the #1 position on the LEADER BOARD:

Date Max
12/05/18 2,914
11/24/18 3,056
11/17/18 3,072
11/10/18 3,006
11/03/18 3,015
10/27/18 3,041
10/21/18 3,146

So here are some things I’ve thought about…

  1. I visually track the LEADERBOARD every other day & record the LEADERBOARD on a near weekly basis. I don’t know what date in the past this individuals high score was supposedly or even possibly made. The in-game stats do not reveal the date the score was achieved to us.
  2. I’m aware there are at times programming issues especially with the release of new heroes (this was more common back in the later half of 2017) in which in-game tracked scores are over stated due to a power imbalance with their special skill (I’ll go into this in further down with an example).
  3. We had a across the board event that occurred by SGG that reduced the Legendary and Epic heroes POWER on 9/24/2018 (I’ll go into this in further down).

Revisiting 2 above: Some events have occurred in which scores were incorrectly calculated due to programmatic issues with new hero special skills. This is my best example: Athena and Titan Scores. When she was first released her target and nearby enemies got a further -10% decrease every time they were hit for 4 turns. Thus the final defense of a Titan was reduced to less than 20% for the final hit with the living team members!

I know of an individual who posted their highest Titan score in the forum (not going to look for it now) that was over 2MM+! A screenshot right from their ‘PLAYER PROFILE’. They fessed up and stated that the game messed up but it was never corrected. I don’t know if it was directly related to my example but they have it - and it hasn’t been corrected for some time I recall them stating - which is fine (kinda), however when the competitive of us are being competitive such a benchmark is NOT ACHIEVABLE - this is just wrong! The only proof we as a player to backup our claim to fame is our screenshots, well actually a video of our ‘PLAYER PROFILE’ as screen shots can easily be edited by someone with very basic image editing skills!

Revisiting 3 above: I’m not saying the individual I am siting as an example is lying, perhaps they are not. Again not even a screenshot has been provided to back it up - and it’s possible they haven’t seen my inquires regarding as I’ve dropped their score and they just change it back when they log back in; thus the reason I created rZrMail lol in the Members Area of TM! And I have since locked their score not to exceed 3100 until we communicate on the topic.

WHAT I AM VERY, VERY aware of that may be related should this individual actually provide the screenshot proof… and that is 3 above. The across the board POWER decreases made on 9/24/2018! It is possible that this deduction lowered the now potential trophy count by a potential 12-13%. If so it would indicate that those last 12-13 Power points deducted equated to a large percent of the current decline in Trophy score. Now if everyone replies on here that the highest score they have ever seen is 3,1XX this line of theorizing is a moot point! I’m going to finish it however since I’m already into it… I find it hard to believe that I would be the only one to notice this as there are a plethora of # cruncher’s I’ve come across in my Lone Wolf adventures! Yet if several of you respond you have seen or that you seen or personally obtained over 3,400, then my theory might be correct. Indicating that the in-game high Highest Trophies was not recalculated/adjusted to what is currently a possibility either at the across the board POWER decreases or some other event in the past many months within the game.

So again if you read the above… you are better armed, yet your truth is your truth you saw what you saw or you have what you have.



RaZoR-sIgNaTuRe RaZoR RaZoR-sIgNaTuRe


I’m pulling in some individuals I would like to hear from on this topic that have been in the low low 3K range or close to it (as have i) and/or have stepped up to the plate in the past for me…

@AngkorKhmer, @Beezzer, @therocketcat, @THE_NEO, @Kerridoc, @Kor1sco, @Callistopheles

@General_Confusion - I’m with you on that later point ???

@Iceman - It’s getting cold in here… bring your bro Firestar, i’ll settle for Pyro though.

@Mattman - how’s the Guild going… you actually were the reason I termed the method of ROLLING FORWARD or ROLLING WITH the RANK, I know you watch Numbers…

I checked my screengrabs from the day I reached my highest trophies and #8 ranking (30 Nov, so 29 Nov for you). #1 spot had 2961.


And I’ve seen a screengrab from a #1, they had 3017, and was taken very end of November, exact date unknown.

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I’ve seen trophies way above 3k, but can’t provide screen shots… and do take into consideration that trophies are quickly lost at the top of the leaderboard. They change faster than the board can even register.


i’ve seen trophies in the 30xx range. 10/28 when i reached 2915 cups #1 player had 3040 image

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That wasn’t very helpful? What way above have you “seen”?

And I watch it for hours when I collect it. I personally can’t recall seeing it break 3,200 on my end ever thus my inquiry. The game Freezes it at the time you open it on the initial load. Scores are NOT jumping up and down 400 points between the #1 and #2 spot. Im aware of the changes going on, I’ve been in them. Yes it doesn’t adjust much if you just sit the for long periods etc, the point of this wasnt for me to explain to you @Witch how the board works it was a request for people that are aware of what they have seen or can prove they have - the HIGHEST they have seen (as per title) thx

Also the top 2 or 3 can literally hold their spot for hours if they really belong in it, or drop slightly and get right back into it. Its primarily the lower 1/2 of the top that there is a ton of movement, and a lot of people break into anywhere above that, for a couple minutes or seconds who don’t belong there, none of these however are breaking the score of #1 to the degree I’m inquiring about. What is the way above 3K you have seen? I’m on the edge of my seat here???

Well, calm back down… :wink:
I can’t provide proof, because I am not all that interested in trophies and therefore can’t see a reason to make screen shots of them.
I only remember because I was surprised that the number was so high… if I recall correctly, it was a low 3,3k… but as I say, I can’t prove it.

This was from yesterday’s action. The #1 score isn’t very high but gives you an idea. The top is so fickle 5 mins later he could gain or lose a lot of cups.


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The titan score glitch you’re probly referring to is when the red tiger was killing itself. Some teammates of mine have scores anywhere from 400k to 1million+


There have been some changes to the raiding system since it was brought online. You might need to call in a few people who have been playing since the start on this, but I do recall reading a few things:

  1. Arena’s were not always in place. I’m not sure if that would impact total score.

  2. There was some comment in the forums from back Aug of 17 or so that the defending team was somehow strengthened and fewer buffs were allowed to stack. @Elpis was part of that conversation and maybe able to add some color, but I do remember that they mentioned score inflation was the reason for these changes.

  3. How and when you can raid went through a few changes, which I could see impacting how high a score you can get. For example I’m pretty sure I remember reading that for a while there was no revenge rule in place for the top 100, so if someone stayed online forever, they could hold a top position and grow it.

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I’m 85% sure that back in summer 2017 or early fall there were a couple times people broke 3200. Especially as there was at least one player who had some sort of bot or phone program that kept him online and was online for days on end so he could never be revenged (that’s why we have revenging top 100 while online now).


Cup counts before arenas were different. It was a lot easier to crack the top 100 since mid level players were going for that and stronger high level players were busy cup dropping

3126 cups.


I do not recall any 3400 back when there was no arenas and you were not allowed to revenge online people even in the top 100 (so much more easy keeping trophy as long as you don’t go off).

Right now it is almost impossible to “catch it” as even if you reach that kind of score you don’t even last the time for the game to update it, and so others to see it.
And the risk to get insta-revenged is really high.

I personally have something like 12 blue flasks right now, and i can easily tell there’s probably people with much more then me.
If i would use all of them and get a lucky streak of people not online for revenge me, there’s no telling how much i can potentially reach.
As you increase your cup score, the cup you get keep going down, especially reaching a good gap on the second.

To get 3400 cups you probably have to waste a lot of raids flasks back when online shield still cover you, and do a lot of 10-20 cups winnings.

Honestly, if you reach that score you take a screen of it as proof for sure.
So i would ask who claim that score to post a screen of it.


So I was just talking to Zero and his highest trophy count is over 3300 and he is almost positive it has been over 3400 or very close to.

Guin has only been the tank of choice since april or may before that ares was a dominant force and it was easier to vault up the leaderboards in the early days. 3400 may seem non existent now but a year ago it wasnt impossible

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Everybody in the world is online for wars…you have no opponents

With cups of nearly 3126 all my opponents can hit online at the same time so I can not find the opponent!

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