What is the highest individual score for AW?

What is the highest possible combine score for for an individual after 6 flags.
Saw someone with over 2000 points.
Is it possible or bug ?

That would only be possible for an alliance of one or two people…

Is there a set point system where by each team are allocate say 2000 points, for each team one knock out you get 1000 points.

Approximately 1500 points are divided by number of teams and hp of heroes in defense. So if there is only one person in each alliance, their team would be worth about 1500 points, including the bonus.


@Jedon what’s your highest war score?


Since you can theoretically kill a defense team 6 times the theoretical maximum should be 9000 points.

My personal max. was somewhere around 3000 a couple of month ago.

Was around 5200 points.
Not sure … but it was a winning game.

Best part in this screen is his alliance name.
It means that he is so ready for war lol

This is the highest I take screen for.


We should ask @Paulon
He is super strong lone wolf.

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Currently in a solo alliance and hoping to reach max 9k points in at least 1 war out of 5…

First 2 wars: 6k+
Past 2 wars: 7,501 (line: marcusferret for video)


1 more war to make it work, unless I lose… Then I’d probably have to wait for another match before I move on… @AirHawk :stuck_out_tongue:


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