What is the HARDEST OPPONENT TEAM setup that you FEAR?

Why they shouldn’t have emblems?

I have fought against most combination and losing all the time. So there is nothing to fear anymore. Getting used to it…sigh! Reroll cost 2000 hams. Might as well die trying.
But I really hate any team with MN, and to the lesser extent, Alby which is less durable.
If I think I could not carry on the fight, I’ll just flee before MN is going to revive her dead allied, else, zero kill in my raid chest.

I was commenting to the 5 players shown. NONE of them have emblems. NOT a word about they shouldnt have them

This is why @Razor’s site (where the pic were taken) just show us heroes’ cards and not their possible emblems’ path, duh…

I Have No Fear Of Opponent but i fear bad board , like this one :man_facepalming:


Make a green diomond and hope.

Dont worry be happy…

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i tried and lost , flooded by green and yellow , no blue at all till end of game , even not able to casts any special. that was one of battle at past war , i did mono attack with 4w-2l

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None. I run mono purple on one account and reroll purple tanks. On my alt I run mono red and reroll blue tanks.

I only fear a bad board.

Your answer “None.” perfectly matches with your profile picture.

I often am too lazy to change a current raid team of mine (usually mono or two/three Team). So I reroll as long as I have a tank which color is the opposite of my current team… and what should I say. Laziness wins! :wink:

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alby-ariel-gm-ursena-owl, actually any all 5 star team with the left side alby-ariel-gm is a total thread, you need rng gods on your side, because this trio punishes mediocre tiles in a nasty manner usually


I wanted to say Yunan and 4 GMs, but this wariant would do also, just with Yunan tank…

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For someone to be able to sit at the Throne (#1) with a 3/2 Dark/Holy D - and not BUDGE…
At least right now - this is some Power that I was very hesitant to approach.,
Troops+ as well

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Blue or red mono vs that. You’ll win one in your 3 attempts for sure.

My alt would have the best chance with

BT - Wilbur - Falcon - Khagan - Elena (firing order)


I’d take Ursl Cyp Sesh Proto and Aeron against them.

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I fear the board only. I could select everything right to counter the opponent only for it to have been futile.

I don’t like seeing hero’s with reflect, like Mitsoku and Ursena on the same team. But I’m not scared, puttem up, puttem up


What happens when you get a team you would reroll, but can’t cuz raid tournament? Do you cry at that point? :cry:
I’ve been undefeated so far for 2 past days, this is gonna suck bad for me lol :sob:

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Oh man, that’s basically what @ItsaDragon described. I have nightmares about that combo. But we gotta know how it ended now @DaveCozy.

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At least they overwrite each other! Jury’s still out on whether they’re a good combo on the same defense team. Might be cool / confusing, but in practice I’m not sure.

Same thing here :thinking:

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