What is the HARDEST OPPONENT TEAM setup that you FEAR?

Santa tank, a healing flank like Ariel, and the rest hitters. That may change once I get Frida leveled up, but for now I always seem to have trouble with red tanks.


No single setup is hard for me… however… Delilah is the hero I hate facing the most. If she goes off it either prolongs the battle or ticks me off enough to flee… unless most of the board is dead. A rare situation occurred yesterday. Mother North revived 4 heroes including a fully charged delilah, who popped. I survived that and killed Delilah two turns later only to see her revive herself. Then an unfortunate cascade later i killed her (while charging her mana)… and the whole thing happened again!

I did win… but it was close and only because the raid timer gave me boosts.

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Anything where isarnia is in the corner i fear her getting full mana before killing her

Kage - GM - Guin/Aegir - Kage - GM


Teams with tanks like Guin/Aegir/Kunch flanked by GM/Kage winged with a Alby or MN. FML.


Boss wolf in the middle and flanked by guin the delilah with 2 snipers in the back assuming all are fully leveled

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Close enough?

Took me 2 tries.

That was weeks ago. Now with emblems getting higher, I shudder at the thought. These tank + combo of GMs and Kage are just not worth it.

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I used to fear any emblem’ed Kunchen, Guin, Gm and any very fast mana tank.
Not anymore since I’ve got few lousy heroes that stack well together. Going mono is the answer.
Mono team is very bad for defense though.


One like this?

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Yup. But kage left wing is better, imo.

I dont want that kage oneshot to kill a burning one. Better for gm to burn after kage hits.

Yes, i fought one similar and it was really hard
He got alasie - guin boss wolf - posiden - GM
It was really a pain

This, to me, would be a reroll for sure:


Alasie - Zeline - Kunchen - Zimkitha - Poseiden is frightening to me.

5 x Aife. Totally OP.

with no emblems?? I would never reroll from that team

Alby Misandra Yunan Ariel Gravey

Mom Aeron Fishking Gravey Ariel

Alby Gravey Ursena Fishking Ariel

Why they shouldn’t have emblems?

I have fought against most combination and losing all the time. So there is nothing to fear anymore. Getting used to it…sigh! Reroll cost 2000 hams. Might as well die trying.
But I really hate any team with MN, and to the lesser extent, Alby which is less durable.
If I think I could not carry on the fight, I’ll just flee before MN is going to revive her dead allied, else, zero kill in my raid chest.

I was commenting to the 5 players shown. NONE of them have emblems. NOT a word about they shouldnt have them

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