What is the function of this icon? (Red Frame)

What is the function of this icon?

“Red frame”, It seems to be a newly added feature .


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It’s an indicator of the arena that the player is currently fighting in, directly tied to the number of cups (bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond)
It’s been there for a long time, as far as I can remember.

Check the list of members of your alliance (if you are in an alliance) or check the global leaderboard or tournament leaderbord. It’s everywhere.


Thanks! Oh, I get it.

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Yeah, it’s been the icon for Platinum for as long as I’ve been playing (around a year and a half)

I thought that was an icon of a Diamond arena players with 2400 cups and above?
Lower than Diamond arena will have the icon missing.

There is an icon for all raid arena’s from Bronze Upwards.

Bronze = single half-square of bronze colour
Silver = single half-square of silver colour
Gold = single half-square of gold colour
Platinum = 2x half-squares, large one in gold colour, inner smaller one in silver colour
Diamond = 2x half-squares (same as platinum) but with a Diamond/ Gem in the corner.

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I wonder what they’ll do if there’s ever a new 3000+ Arena :thinking: