What is the frequency of receiving the HOTM?

What is the frequency of receiving the HOTM? I have not received one since Noor. Received 2 Rafael in June 2020, 2 Noor in July 2020 and nothing since. Any other heroes that were HOTM I gained from my training camp lvl 20. This feels like a switch was muted.

Rough estimate would be 13 times out of 1.000 summons. This is leaving out the chance to get a bonus draw ON a bonus draw.


Thank you for the reply. I think I have a bug or a glitch. My experience is incredibly different. For all of the draws in the past year, easily 5-6/ day with VIP and various summon token received, I have zero in 1500 draws. This seems broken to me.
do I report it as a bug?

Daily summons and grey token pulls don’t give you the chance for drawing a HOTM…
So if you have not done these 1500 summons with gems I would see no bug here…

This depends on how much one summons… & of course, most important = LUCK of the pulls !

In 24 months of play, I have received 23 HoTMs, despite puling every month. I missed Malicna & have picked Hanitra this month !

Ohhhh, gems were spent! An embarrassing number of gems plus VIP.

then it’s either REAL bad luck or you overestimate the amount of pulls you do…

15-20 pulls a month don’t guarantee by far a HOTM (by the way, no amount of summons guarantees one but chances get bigger the more you spend…)

However (and as noted in your bug thread) you will need to raise an in game ticket to support…
Here in the forum you will only get replies like: I did one pull and got the HOTM or I did 200 pulls and did get it either 0 or 10 times
Sorry but all we can say you here is that RNG might be just RNG…


Not sure what you mean about TC20 as HotM can’t come from there.

With regards to your pulls, some details posted in each HotM thread about chances/ likelihood to pull:

If you are regularly pulling huge amounts and feel it is other than just bad luck your best bet is a support ticket. Prob best to include details like number of summons each month etc in the ticket

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Merciless RNG is Merciless

122,850+ gems without a 5* HotM will happen to 1 out of every 100 player

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5* HotM row

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