What is the fastest way to get a response from support?

My bff and alliance mate was trying to set up an account for his kid on another iOS device and messed up his account. He has already submitted a support ticket but I was curious to see what the time would be?

I submitted a support ticket recently on a Thursday. They replied on Monday and apologized for the delay over the weekend but I expected that. From then on they were very responsive and I am quite happy with how it went.

Let them follow this thread.

So apparently the issue was fixed but it wasn’t his fault.

There were many people affected by gamecenter connection failures with E&P.

Interesting, and quite a relief.

He would have quit rather than start over.

In the 18 months I’ve been playing I’ve submitted two support tickets. Each was handled very quickly. I’m very impressed with the support from SG.

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I only see the negative grousing on the forums and hadn’t heard anything otherwise. Obviously someone who is a heavy hitter on our alliance loses their account inspires panic in more than one person. :slight_smile: So I was hopeful to crowd source some tips, thankfully, as you mentioned, E&P support was spot on.

I was also impressed with their “human” touch. I never once felt like I was dealing with a robot. They responded and then followed up once it was resolved.

Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Like the police & firefighters… I hope I never need them, but I’m glad to hear they’re super awesome if I do.

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