What is the best way to share a large roster for Forum feedback?

So, inspired by this recent post from @Mr.Spock, I was wondering what is the best way to share a large roster to get feedback from this Forum. Is there a best practice?

I personally find it quite difficult to process 5 or 6 screenshots of heroes, however they are sorted. But I also struggle with long textual lists of heroes.

My own solution has been to create a very simple spreadsheet, and then post a screenshot like the one below. In my case I show every 5* I have (whatever level) and the 4* I have levelled or am working on (with a note to say I have all other standard 4* unlevelled). I also show my ascension material inventory.

What do people think? Are there some great examples out there of roster sharing?

Please note, I am NOT looking for feedback on my roster here - I’m just interested in best practice for sharing.


I wondered this as well, since it is a lot of information to share. Figured only few would care enough to sift through, but a few answers are better than none lol


I tried with bullet lists here, ordered by color.

I don’t know if there’s a best practice, because some people are more visual and need the cards and others like to have a small sorted thing like this excel or a list.

I guess, only one thing is obvious, that should be avoided: an unordered “list” written one after another :slight_smile:


I keep track of my roster in an excel file :

I update it every now and again. FIltered out the 3 star heroes for this particular screenshot.

These are my threes :

Makes sharing my roster quite easy and there is a wealth of information there.

Edit :

I then use a Pivot table that allows me to filter on stars, elements and classes :

This is useful for class quest and tournaments. I can just filter through what I have available and set up a team without scrolling through all my heroes. For example the result for the current tournament would be :

this gives me a look at what is eligable sorted by power. From here I can try and set up the best possible attack and defence teams.


I use a spreadsheet for my own personal records, and planning.
(I can’t find a way of sorting the zoo on my phone that doesn’t give me a headache)
But I like your layout better and I’m going to steal it.



Excellent @Perilin. “Steal Shamelessly” is my motto!


May I steal some of your cake too?
happy forum-versary :hugs:

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Ooooh, I like that! I have mine also in an Excel file and have the colors as you do, but I have mine in a long list instead of side by side. When I want to do a screenshot I usually just do one color at a time…yours is better lol. Also stealing. lol


I print mine out (on a single page) for each war.
It helps me construct my best war attack teams, and I cross out (with a pencil) the 5 heroes I use for each flag, so I know who I have left.

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Haha, I use a small whiteboard for war, lol.

And here is a portion of my Excel list…going to make a shortened version like yours hahaha.


Wow. You have A LOT of fully ascended heroes! 5 Kiril :grinning:


I do, lol. Also 5 Rigard, and 5 Boldtusk…war ya know hahaha


That’s serious business! Glad I’m in your alliance :wink:

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@Steve9999 I like your table. It gives name, level and color. Most folks around here can do tons with that already.

And I’m shamelessly stealing from this thread too. :grin:


I do a full list compilation photo, which will likely be a two part photo next month (800x6000 is big for one file). I tried to share a photo of my lineup, that was too big for this forum.

I have spreadsheets of the heroes I got, the ones I want, and troops. I have class - star - element - emblems - base stats - family bonus if applicable.

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I the kind of guy tha has stichy notes, napkins, loose cheets all stuffed in a manilla envelope. :grin:
I’m going to become a thief also, thank you.
A thieving I’ll go.
Happy :cake: day.


Cool. Easier.


Or for more striking power;

(An emblemmed Khiona is a decent tank and can make Zim and Joon quite deadly)


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