What is the best Seasonal Summons?

Just curious to gage the pulse of the community. Seasonal summons seem to be the logical place to spend your Epic Hero Tokens if you have the patience to wait for months. How would you rank the seasonal summons?

Personally I’m thinking:

1st place: Santa’s Challenge
2nd place: Sand Empire
3rd place: Springvale
4th place: Morlovia


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To me

Santa’s Challenge
Sand Empire


I’d rank the seasonal 5*s:

  1. Mother North
  2. Victor (if you don’t have Kageburado)
  3. Rana
  4. Master Lepus
    4.5 Victor (if you do have Kageburado)
  5. Santa Clause
  6. Yunan

4* ranking

  1. Buddy
  2. Gafar
  3. Valeria
  4. Jack O’hare
  5. Jabbar

3* ranking

  1. Squire Wabbit
  2. Rudolph
  3. Hisan
  4. Arman
  5. Vlad

It’s also important to note that the chance of pulling an event hero of any rarity is the same, so the chance of pulling a specific hero is lower if there are more of them (e.g. pulling Mother North is half as likely as pulling Victor since you could also get Santa). Realizing that people mostly just care about 5*, I rank the events:

  1. Santa’s Challenge
  2. Morlovia (if you don’t have Kageburado)
  3. Springvale
  4. Sand Empire
    4.5 Morlovia (if you do have Kageburado)

@Wharflord Would you mind sharing your thinking on Master Lepus over Santa? I’d have reversed them, but my bunny knowledge is almost purely theoretical.


Thanks for the breakdown @Wharflord. I think you also need to weigh the decision based off of where you are in the game and if you are f2p, c2p or p2p. I’m F2P, 3 months in. I have 1 epic hero token which I plan on using on Springvale on the off chance of getting Squire Wabbit. I figure he’ll be more useful to me now than saving it and drawing another 3* in June or December by which point I be playing almost exclusively with 4 and 5*s except for challenge events.

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I’m also F2P and I’ll be 6 months in next week and I have one 5* (that I pulled from TC20 a few days ago) and six 4* (two of which I got in the last month or so from Atlantis and TC20) so I wouldn’t be so quick to think that 6 months in you’ll be playing with all 4* and 5* (unless I’m doing something wrong, which is entirely possible lol). I’ve also only obtained 3 of each 4* ascension material so I figure I have to wait until at least August (using Rare Quests as a measuring stick) before I can ascend one 5* of each color and then wait another year or so for a 2nd of each color (but someone can contradict that logic if I’m off base :slight_smile: )

I would rank them as follows:

1st place: Santa’s Challenge
2nd place: Morlovia
3rd place: Sand Empire
4th place: Springvale

but this ranking is purely theoretical since I have no event heroes or HOTM at all lol. I will continue to follow this thread as I’d really like to have my mind changed and be able to use my hero tokens sooner than Oct/Dec :slight_smile:


Wow, I guess I’m lucky. I got Scarlett on my first day from an Epic Hero Token and have pulled Boril, Kelile, Kiril, Cyprian and Wu from my T13 so far. It’s going to take me about another month (I’m guessing) to get my T20 going. I’m saving my gems for an Atlantis 10 pull which at the current rate should be in about 2 months. I figured at the rate I’m going to hopefully have 10-12 4* and hopefully one 5* in my first 6 months. I agree though that at the current rate it will take about a year to get al the mats for a rainbow 5* team.

May the RNG be with you @Dominick

Santa’s challenge has best heroes, no questions there. But the visuals of the heroes are so ridiculous it completely puts me off. It already feels so wrong fighting Santa Clauses in March. I don’t want that old jerk staring at me every time I open my roster.

I hope for some rework for the Springvale heroes, otherwise I am waiting for Sand Empire myself.


To me it totally depends on your focus and where you are weak.

If AW are your bag and field aid kicks your posterior then Sand Empire is the one for you.

Christmas has some of the best heroes for raids

The vampires is a nice blend of the above two

I know the bunnies hit hard, but that debuff makes them the very definition of a glass cannon. If you team them right it might be ok, but I honestly will not pull for them. Too many other strong hitters without a built in defect,

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I’m not Wharflord but I have been using Lepus ever since they buffed him a year ago at the Easter event. I use him with Athena on nearly all my raids with GM offenses. I have Magni, Alasie, Arthur, and Frida maxed and he goes to the head of the line. He has OK defense before he hits, and after he hits with Athena (or Grimm or Frida) the results are usually such that he doesn’t need to fire again. I also use him in combo with Aeron so that if Aeron goes off first, Lepus is protected by the immunity. I was upset when they changed Lepus’ class from the one that has some immunity because it protected him, but since so few used him there was no objection.

If you use Athena, Frida and Lepus and all charge the results are devastating. That combo was the only reason that I finished in the top 10 in the last event; the trio overcame my inherent slow reflexes to push me over the top.

I may be a dimwit average Joe in this game, but UCLAPack is not and she is embleming Lepus :smile:


Ha! I think you’re well qualified to comment. And thanks! I saw a clear case for him in events, because he was unlikely to be eating much damage. I appreciate the insight that he’s regular raid-stack-worthy as well.


Master Lepus does the most total damage of any fast hero in the game with an attack stat of 795, 410% damage to the primary target, and minor damage to nearby. While he is extremely squishy, his offensive power is incredible. Santa is good, but slow mana is always a drawback.


Yes, the fact that he’s a blue Druid is good for variety.

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Haha you give yourself too little credit. The only reason I was able to win fables was because of the Frida, athena, lepus combination. I ran out of dragon attacks late Friday. I found that I could wipe a whole round of minions just with specials alone and didn’t need the dragon attacks. The damage of those 3 is just crazy. I also use lepus with aeron. His survivability really hasn’t been an issue.

War and raids, slow mana heroes are always a risk. I really like yunan and Santa tanks for defense but thinking attack, they really need a lot of supporting heroes to keep them alive. I personally prefer the faster heroes and that’s probably why I chose to emblem lepus over alby. Lepus has been more consistent in my raid teams and alby very seldom has the chance to fire. Defense I would put the sand heroes at #1 but offense with the exception of gafar I would put last. Offense I think spring heroes at #1 but defense last. I like the Christmas heroes more than the vampires in both attack and offense. I would probably rank Christmas heroes second in both just because their specials are so devastating if they go off.


Wow that’s awesome! I skipped TC13 and just pushed straight for TC20 but I’m starting to think that might have been a bad move lol. I also have a problem and I can’t spend any gems so I have over 5,000 at this point, but I should do some 10 pulls and catch up to you!!!

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The best seasonal event is the one that have in it the most interesting HotM.

So for example i was really interested to do some pulls trying for the bunnies (i quite like them all) but i’m at the same time really scared to pull Anzogh.
He is one of the worst HotM in my eyes.

And because of that, no pulls for me this time.
Save them for another time.


Hansel hansel hansel hansel,red hood and lepus

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Hansel and Hood don’t come on seasonal events


Oooops sorry you are right!I rushed to show my love.Ignore my msg.sorry all


I wonder with the upgrade of Jack from slow to fast would change anyones opinion.

The way I see it all the bunnies are at least pretty good now, so if you do get a seasonal summon your not going to get a dud which can’t be said for the others.

It could also be as each new season rolls around we see nerfs to the seasonal heroes to make some of the duds more appealing.

I’m glad I went ahead with Springvale. Saved three EHT and got a 2nd Gormek and 2 S1 3*s. Got another EHT from MV today and got Squire and Anzogh

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