What is the best position for Zimkitha, and when is she usuable

Like said. I’m busy leveling Zimkitha…

I like to know some things what other people perhaps want to know too.

Is she best at tank, flank or corner and does level has anything to do with that. I can imagine that most people will have her at 3-70…

I suppose everyone has leveled special to max when arrived at tier 3 or at last low in tier 3.

Have her maxed, she’s not all that great for defense. If you use her for defense, her best spot is left flank in my opinion. Best chance at keeping her buff going while removing ailments without dying as fast as she would at tank

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I definitely wouldn’t make her tank, her defense stat is too low for something like that. Plus, her special isn’t devastating enough to make up for it.

Personally, I think she should always be on the left- for her attack buff to get the maximum effect before any attacking/specials. She could manage in the wings, since she’s fast, or on the flank, since she does have quite a bit of health.

Depends on the setup to get more specific, but if I had to pick one: left flank if you’re counting on, and really need, her buff and cleanse, or left wing if she’s just there to help, but you’re not as dependent on her. Basically, if you already have a lot of great heroes: wing; if you don’t: flank.


I use her on a red stack team in the left flank. With Grave, Azlar, Marjana and Wilbur. Here’s a video of a raid. She does her part. Great supporting hero.

i don’t have many good red options so i maxedzimkitha in a week and have her on left flank.
I have been keeping 2500-2600 cups without much effort (raiding only when chest available).
my defense team is Tarlak (i know :frowning_face:) Zimkitha Drake Magni and Panther
can’t wait for a tonic to level Alby :raised_hands:t2:

She’s better in left flank as @Rigs and @RandaPanduh have said but I have recently tried her in tank and she seems OK for borderline diamond and lower diamond, but my setup is everyone is a fast attacker. I would actually like to verse my team to see because I’ve had no experience raiding a Zim tank…

it really depend on the team setup you have.
to be honest - I don’t really fancy her as a tank as I feel her’s overall skill should be on the side to have the max impact and as other mentioned - her skill is not as devastating as other tankers (Justice (Blind all) / Marj (hit hard) ,etc)

I am putting her on the flank for my defense line but Tanker at AW to sync with my alliance. not really convinced to used her as the tanker hopefully it will change my perspective at the later stage.

I think her best use is for raid offence/farm and some event too, also good for titans(maybe not the best tile dmg, but her fast cleanse could save you a slot for battle items against some of the special ones), for defence team, I don’t think she causes much trouble for me when i see her in opponent’s def team, but still could be an OK hero for that position.