What is the best level to farm backpacks?


Out of Energy right now, but I’ll give it a try. Two thoughts; I find it tedious to do the exact same level again and again, and it also seems that rewards are always less the second time you do the same level twice in a row.
Thus, I’ve started doing sometimes the whole chain of a given map like all of 5 or, alternatively, switching between the end level of several different ones. Like, 6-8, 7-7 and 8-7. But my current favorite is to switch between 12-9, 12-8 and 12-1 all of the latter yielding over 1300 xp for 4 points.


5/5 and 5/8 is what I use. When Im not feeding my 10th and 11th cochin from atlantis summons


Season 2-1-9/Hard is the best backpack farm now.


1-4 is better imo

Tried both


What the hecks is “mats”?

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Materials. Most commonly people use that to refer to unfarmable ascension mats, but some people use it to refer to farmable crafting ingredients as well.

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The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

Thanks @zephyr1. Just curious, why are you up this late? Where are you on the planet? It’s way past my bedtime. I’m near San Diego, kicking back some Bud.


You’re welcome, @Dwitehawk! It was way, way past my bedtime. I’ve been on a weird schedule lately. But I went to sleep literally right after I answered your question. :slight_smile:

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Where is the best place now in February to farm backpacks? :slight_smile:


The best place to farm kits currently is season 2 province 1 stage 9 hard mode, averages as 1 kit per 3 flags over a single day run, expect to get 42+ kits


If you need to fill your monster chest at the same time, do 2-1-9/Normal.


2-1-9-hard for me , sometimes i got 8 backpack


Old post I know, but this spreadsheet seems to be updated frequently and helps for farming particular items.



Is still so random though. I usually use 2.1.9 for back packs which gives 2-5 each time, yet today i did 5 in a row and got none at all.


I’ve been noticing that too. Lately, 2.1.9 doesn’t seem to give as many backpacks as usual. I wonder if they stealth-nerfed the numbers there. Maybe I’m just unlucky…


I have also noticed this.

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Definitely noticed a big change, never used to get less than 2 now I get 0 and 1 often out of 2/1/9 hard

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2-1-9 still averages close to 4 for me, most of the time it’s 3 to 5, I’ve gotten 0 once, but also got 9 one time. In the long run it evens itself out


I just did 2 runs of 2.1.9 and got 5 total backpacks. It feels like I’m averaging 1-3 now per run instead of 3-5 like it used to. I have no actual numbers to back this up though.


For the most updated guide, I highly recommend this one linked below.

It’s a superset of data, combining all existing public farming data with freshly captured data that several people (including me) are contributing to: