What is the best level to farm backpacks?


I need some to level up my heroes



Before v1.8, it was lvl 5-8. After a bit of testing I think it still is a good place to hunt them: Out of thirty attempts, I got 24 backpacks.

I’ll keep doing runs to see if the numbers get better or worse. :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t forget to try 8-7 too.


Rook’s post about covers it.


SleeperZ96BT, is there another province level that works for others? I’d love to know! :wink:


I usually use 8-7 to be honest. Good mix of backpacks and swords for elemental training to level folks. I will say that when I do (and just did) 20-4 for the fire chest I seem to get a buttload of backpacks and swords as well, but that is just a feeling, I didn’t actually track it.


My best loot so far was from 22.7 - SIX backpacks, have a screenshot. Overall it’s about luck as everything. Province 5 should give more compared to 8, but is the loss of EXP really worth it? I doubt. 8.7 is a solid map for low energy farming or filling monster chest.


Just did 8-7 9 tines got 1 backpack


That’s well below what I see. I’m doing my monster quest run in 8-7 in 20 minutes and will report back.

Update: 11 runs - 4 backpacks and 6 swords. I feel this is below my norm but it is what it is.

Plus 6 heroes for food, 3 troops for food, 2X the experience and at least one 3* craft item per, which is important at my level given the items I am crafting. Usually those drops are far less common on 5-8.

Will you get more backpacks farming 5-8? Probably. I just do the cheap, slow training when I run out of backpacks or swords for a bit and build them up farming.


I do the slow ones overnight


I have been using 11.1 with moderate success. It yields about the same amount of backpacks as 8.7, but give 300 more experience for one extra flag.


A couple months ago I had a run of bad luck in 8-7 farming for backpacks. Thought maybe it was due to an update but didn’t see anyone else complaining about it, but still started to farm at 13-6. After a couple days, went back to 8-7 and all seems fine again.

Just bad luck with the evil RNG I suppose.


Problem is you have to divide through by flags to get an accurate rate and you need to track a couple hundred runs per zone to get to a consistent state set of stats and even then statisticians will tell you need quite a few more for a truly accurate number.

I haven’t tracked any data from 1.8 yet however I haven’t seen anything to disprove that 5-8 when we are JUST talking backpacks doesn’t win in a landslide, by nearly 50% over any other zone when looked at per energy basis.

That said, I spend zero time farming in 5-8, it hampers too many other things with the reduced number of items there and the reduced recruits as compared to some of the better 3 flag zones.


What Revelate is speaking about is the same reason I don’t do 5-8 anymore, said more concisely.

I did a monster chest this morning and had a 1:1 backpack per run ratio (some zeroes, some 2 or 3 per run) but no only one or two swords.


Quick update:

10 runs - 5 backpacks and 8 swords on 8-7 which is about the norm (I usually get 10-12 of each item, which is a good enough ROI for the color based training I do).