What is the best Gems offer

The best offer of Gems that you have seen or said in another way what is the cheapest price that S.G. for a gem.?

When I started the game they used to offer ‘X’ gems for 99 pence …. I think it was either 200 or 250 gems

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The best offer is the VIP, but you don’t get those all at once.

The $0.99 offers JGE mentioned are good.

The problem with most gem offers is they are limited, so if you’re trying to hoard gems for 10x or 30x summons, you’ll end up buying several specials to get there.

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For purely gem only offer, it’s the one on the first day of the Challenge Events
200 gems for USD0.99 which you can buy 5 times for old events and 6 times for the new ones.

The current Atlantis Rising one which is 400 gems + 25 tokens for double that price is also comparable.

Edit : The last day of Valhalla Forever also has a 400 gems + 25 tokens deal


Also Underwild now has a deal on the first day that’s basically the same price as the challenge event, 600 gems for $2.99

I’d say it’s the early Atlantis/Valhalla offers–$2 USD for 400 gems and 25 coins. If you get all 4 Atlantis offers and VIP, that should get you a 10-summon every month for $13+tax.

This is by far the best offer:


I do buy offers. When I started playing it was almost exactly $3AUD for 300 gems, now those same offers are $2.25 AUD for 300 gems. They are discounting to try to maintain revenue imo.

The best offer is 500 Underwild tokens for $8:00 AUD (~$5 US.

My advice is buy a Dominoes Pizza, it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth but you got something for your money.


9.99 for a 4* mat and 1000 gems are the best deals to me.

The best deal is the Rudolph offer, in December. If memory serves, you get a month of VIP and 400 gems for $3. That’s 1300 gems total for $3.


This is a pre S4 comparison, but I think it covers most of what you are looking for in terms of comparison listing of offers and gem equivalents.

You can also have a look at this post I had written a while back. Another good thread to check out.


Sometimes appear offers like the one with Queen of hearts recently,for 21,99 euros 3000 gems and a legendary ascension item,in my opinion the best offer