What is the best flags per opponent ratio?

I saw the war this week between two top allies kotn and mixed nuts.

They both scored 7400+

Reset gives 1500 so opponent will be worth 50 on average.

7400 then gives 148 opponents with 180 flags. That is 1.22 flags per opponent. Is this the closest to 1 hit a war can come?

I’d point out that their defenses were not ideal. They had fun with a mono defense team. I’ve done it before too for fun - it usually is not pretty.

I know. Our ally has a ratio of 1.4 till 1.6. And we’re top 200. Haven’t had much more than 6.000 points. The mono defense they both got is not that good… on the other hand you might expect big amount of big heroes at top 10 ally. Maybe this 1.22 is too low, but what is normal in the top?

We sometimes get over 6.000 , we sure don’t get 4 resets. So 7.400 is maybe not normal, can someone tell me what IS reasonably normal? :rofl: