What is the best defense team I can create from these heroes?

As the title, my top team is my current team and I am training my bottom team

Rigard, Grimm, Skittleskull, Sonya, Boldtusk would be a great little defense trap against a red attack on a green tank.

Conversly you could run a Sonya tank with Kelile and Scarlett flanks.

If you want to run a rainbow put Inari in the middle and all out attack around her.

Caedmon Grimm BT Inari Rigard

Caedmon is almost maxed
Inari is 4/30 and your only 5*
BT Grimm Rigard all claased

Any other suggestions?

u need rainbow defense?

Might wanna try Rigard//Grimm//BT//Sonya//Rigard if u don’t