What is the best defense of the war lineup?

I want advice to form the best defense team in the war

Inari - Triton - Rigard - Kelile - Melendor

A little light on damage, but good survival synergies.

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As it is now:

Triton - Melendor - Gormek - Inari - Kelile

Once they are fully leveled. This is a hard roster to pick from. I don’t like Inari on wing but Li is probably the best tank there. Maybe this but it’s not my favorite:

Triton - Rigard - Li - Sonya - Inari -

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But there is a war field help and we are in the coalition put the green hero in the middle. What do you think?

Thank you for the help I will work as soon as your advice developed heroes

From what’s shown I’d say your best green tank is Cabin Boy Peters. But looks like sorted by power so he’s a long way from maxed. So you’re currently stuck with Mel as tank. Or don’t go green.

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