What is the benefit of playing the stages of the chapter lll in order?

I do not know who is responsible for these disturbing thoughts … I do not see any benefit in not allowing us to play any stage (the difficult level) after completing the whole easy level … Can anyone explain why? it does not even force anyone to cash games

*I apologize for the weakness of my language because it seems that I was misunderstood
After playing the 10 stages in the same province, why can’t I play stage 8 before stage 2, for example …

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It’s probably because the hard mode in Season 3 is going to scale beyond the average player’s PvE ability so by forcing previous level completion (in the same difficulty), it’s helping to prevent complaints of:

“ZOMG…NERF Hard modez of Asgard it izz impossibleee…GaMe iz P2W”


The benefit is: Valhalla coins, Avatar Mission, New Content and new cleric is fun.

I mean, for being neat, and not forgetting what has not been done.

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Oh yeah…there’s those benefits too… :sweat_smile:

um, telling the story?

For example, there are three stages I can play with the same team 1/6/9 so instead of replacing the team for each stage and rearranging the forces I can play these three stages easily and quickly

My question why on Atlantis, Valhala and any other coin summons do you put in regular heros in as well? Each of these special hero summons should only have the ones from the coins used. Tired of using a special summons coin to get for example 3* Bane or any other regular hero. Please fix this issue as it’s a waste of coins when they’re supposed to be special summons heros not regular. Jim the Mighty from Shadow Hunters alliance with Tammy as our leader.

It surely isn’t the loot. 480 flags yielded me fever Nuggets than one round of chest filling in s1 6-8. Which is terribly wrong. So, I do them to do them, grab the free coins and will definitely never ever return.

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