What is the agenda about Big nerf balance?

The new summer beach party heroes haven’t been released yet, and SG has been doing more nerfing before release. So rather than just use ridiculous assumptions…how about we stick to facts. They stated what their agenda is, and they haven’t released the update. So you’ll just have to wait and see. Stop playing Madame Cleo. Talk about naive…

1). You aren’t using naive correctly.

2). The existence of the beach heroes is an issue in of itself then add to the fact that they were announced AFTER the big balance update AND the beta versions we are being shown are currently the versions that were tested, I have every right to be upset by their mere existence. I understand that they haven’t been released yet, but they shouldn’t exist in the first place when so many QoL changes have been neglected or completely rejected.

3). Who is madame Cleo?

  1. no, I’m not.
  2. Yes, you have every right, however irrational it is.
  3. A famous telephone psychic.

I’m curious to see if Jove is able to kill the trash monsters at 8-7 after the nerf, because he can’t even kill the bosses by himself at lvl 90 with full attack emblems. So embarrassing to have a lvl 90 god who hits for less than an S1 hero such as Lianna or something. Nobody cares about his debuffs, it’s the damage that he does, and they are nerfing exactly that PLUS the -heal debuff.

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True statement here.