What is the agenda about Big nerf balance?

Tried to show some kind of resistance earlier , got some constructive feedback’s and some personal attack. I try again now considering what was told, I am not paid by SG and I used to l this game.

Reading a lot about the new changes of the upcoming nerf. after having spending a lot of money, by me, you and all others. Let us guess, what was the probability to get for example Fortuna? Just guess

For example , Fortuna was one of those extremely rare one, which requires a lot of money to hunt down, then you could get Fortuna with roughly
Dispel buff, dealing 120% damage, summoning fiends that take up to 22% health and while existing giving -36% attack
Already at that time, okay but not OP (my opinion)

For what ever agenda, you can have your own theory, the new one after Big nerf, looks like

  • Fortuna
    • Stats increased
      • Attack: 784 → 819
      • Defense: 821 → 856
      • Health: 1493 → 1584
    • Dispel effect removed
    • Direct damage increased: 120% → 150%
    • Health absorbed by Fiends reduced: 22% → 19% of the target’s max health

Who would spend a penny to hint this new Fortuna? At that time or now. Nothing is left and the core property of “dispel” is also gone.

Was the initial release done by ppl that understand/love the game? Is the new one released by ppl that understand ot love the game? Which player base will use the new one?

Really sad about the development. Why don’t they put some ppl that actually play the game to design the heroes…

Happy gaming




I think if all these heroes go through a Beta test before being released then whatever stats they have after the Beta, thats it. The developers should not be able to nerf those heroes.

Some people actually pay a lot of money to try and get a hero because its good and then the developers go and nerf a hero after they take all the money from the players and its not right to do this.

I dont even have these good heroes people are talking about, but i would be very p****d if i spent a lot of money to get a hero and got them, then took all that time and resources to level up to max, only for the developers to nerf them.

Honestly, the developers should offer a full refund to all that money spent to the people that summoned them.


My gripe is, how can the developers seriously go through with a Fortuna nerf and practically leave Jove untouched. Speaks volumes to their agenda.


There agenda is to get us to hunt the latest best tank or best heros to mess the tank up . Now in the past we had heros like Guinevere or Telleria as the tank for a long time . But in order for them to make money they either need to nerf Telleria or make something better . Now in the poryal we just got a new hero around as powerful as Khufu . The new purple Snuerfu . So they dont k ow how ballance vut if they nerf 200 heros already out then they can once again get us to chase the new power creeping heros again . Then release 200 new heros as powerful as Snuferu that will then need to be nerfed so they can make 200 more heros to chase

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They stated their objective… to lessen the importance of Specials and increase the importance of tile damage. They’re running out of stuff they can do. They call that “design space”. They need to clear it out. I’m really surprized that they don’t simply retire heros rather than try to adjust everything like certain popular card games did when their design space filled up.

I did over 300 points 22 wars in a row doing mono teams the title damge is fine . Making troop and tile damage helps veteran plays more then new players . Players that have played less then 2 years wont have enough troops to make one of each mana troop collor goto 23.


They stated what their agenda was. They don’t want games just relying on getting a good board and having that be what decides the game.

That is lip service. If they truly believed that, Sneferu wouldn’t have been released the way he was. He is more powerful than Khufu will be and Winifred currently is. The new summer beach party heroes are ridiculous too. There is so much wrong here with what they say vs what they do. Listening to the game makers and taking their words as gospel is the equivalent of believing the government has the best interest for it’s people. Don’t be so naive.


In what context will Sneferu be stronger than Khufu? They both will hit at 415% to all chained victims. Right now, Khufu is stronger until the update goes live.

Because Khufu only gives an ailment to one while Snerferu gives an ailment to all. That ailment does additional damage for every attempted buff if not cleansed. You also have the passive that has a 70% proxy chance for him to deal an additional 70% damage to all AND debuff the enemies latest dispellable buff. If I had to choose, I’d take Sneferu over Khufu.


All fair points. I forgot about the buff attempt penalty.

I need to level him up sooner!

Be careful, he may see a nerf in the future. He isn’t coded correctly now because they may already have the changes written for him and input the wrong sequences in, causing his bug now.


Yeah, they started him off at the 415% special attack number. If not for the meta reset, I think they would have coded him at 450% or even higher.

The hero has “nerf” written into his name… you can’t say you weren’t warned.


People, what SG is doing is not a Big Balancing, that name is misleading! Because weekly they continue to release new heroes more OP’s than those receiving nerfs. This game is destined to die. Many were dissatisfied and stopped playing when the second limit break came, but even that was okay, it was something that didn’t change the heroes that the player had summoned, but messing with the heroes already summoned is the purest mess. The SG is really tough and doesn’t care what we’re thinking. See what they did with Furdnand it wasn’t a nerf but they completely changed the hero’s original proposal. Ner is to reduce a turn or a percentage, but never remove or change a special ability!


The Big Balance Update isn’t about balancing current heroes, it’s about balancing against future heroes.

For example, Furdinand has to be nerfed because he does too much - any future similar heroes will not be desirable if they can’t exceed Furdinand in some way, this is very difficult with Furdinand as he stands.

Similarly Rhys does an awful lot at fast speed - overheals, cleanses, boosts mana and attack - removing elements of this gives SG the design space to create future heroes that are more desirable.

All the updates are about maximising the capacity to create future heroes that are desirable, not about balancing the current meta.


To be perfectly honest, big balance updates like this one is pretty much common in other games

I’ll just crosspost this here:


This post summed up the whole truth about SG’s false intention behind Bi nerf balande!