What is the actual point of these chests


And yes I get crap like this every day


It’s a slow steady trickle of gems for F2P players.

It’s a nice bit of food and iron.

Your chance for ascension item or trainer is non trivial (I’ve gotten both a mystic ring and a farsight telescope from both regular wanted chest and mystic vision along with a few 3 star items).

The faster you do them the more likely the rare elemental chests are to show up.


I’ve found a lesson learned in this game is that I always find a way to use that crap. You’d be surprised how quick you can consume items on things like titans and challenge events.

But yeah, it can be discouraging to not get the fun stuff dante mentioned.


I never mind getting 15-20k worth of food.


No one minds getting rewards it’s that they are trash


im am over recieving useless rubbish too


My chests have been garbage lately to. Even my dark chest this week gave me garbage…o mean seriously, a special chest giving me a scabbard and battle manual, what a f’n joke. Haven’t seen an epic hero token in so long I forget what they look like. Really finding a hard time getting excited to log on everyday to do the same quests to get the same crap. At least we get a morning nthly challenge event where we get to see the same people win every month, that is exciting. Can’t wait for alliance wars, or should we just call it the 7DD memorial cup…yup, if it wasn’t for the fact that o really like my alliance mates, I would delete this game and move on to something else at this point.


My few thoughts on this. I guess I also noticed something where the monster/raid/titan wanted mission chests plus mystic vision payouts have all gone bad for me around 3 weeks or so and are now always giving junk payouts like strong rope, wooden shield etc. Not a single 3* ascension materials other than good amounts of food and iron :thinking:

If I have to time it or point to any key turn of events then I believe I have noticed this turn around of payouts by wanted mission chests around the time period when the rare quests spawning frequency was doubled recently. refer the link below.
Not sure if there is any actual connection between the two or it is just my imagination but I sure hope SG didn’t somehow on one side give us rare quests and on the other tighten the payouts of wanted mission chests. Sorry to sound evil lol. of course I can’t prove any of this because everything is tied to probability in this game but I strongly feel something has changed recently for me at least. If it is not the game changing then I hate to think it is the beginning of my bad luck streak (as some in this forum would try to convince :wink: ) because then there is no knowing when the unlucky streak is gonna end, right?
So let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day for us all. Good night now :slight_smile:


It’s just random.

I pulled a 4* ascension item from a MV yesterday, and several of people I know got good results from purple chests today.

There’s no correlation, seriously, for the second time :).


The sooner randomness is accepted and that volume is king in doing these things to get items you will be happier.

Today - mystic vision - Bear Banner, Axes, 5 gems, Alliance Flask (CHA CHING) and a 2* trainer. Now my monster chest was meat, iron, 2 gems, so it balanced (yesterday my normal monster chest had a tome of tactics). But man - that you can get an alliance flask for a 30 second investment seems good to me :slight_smile:


Thanks for your thoughts guys.

Wisely put @sleeperZ96BT :clap:

Well I didn’t mean to intend they completely stopped everything good for everybody in the wanted mission chests, which then would create an uproar. but I felt the payouts were somehow tightened and the result of it seems nothing was even trickling for me. And it seemed like too long a dry spell when you notice it for few weeks. Hence brought it up now and not earlier. Just saying.

Well I would gladly hope my fears are not true and it is nothing in-game :grin: but nobody knows for sure eh!

I guess then I have to accept the sad reality of the beginning of an unlucky streak for me :neutral_face: And If that is what it is, then hopefully it ends soon and the RNG gods begin trickling (felt like asking for showers but that’s never gonna happen lol) some good ascension materials. Have a good day everyone :sunglasses:


As of recent, I seem to get better loot from single titans (tier 9 loot) than from the whole titan chest. I think random is okay, but this seems a little strange.


Chuck - while 7DD may have held onto the #1 alliance ranking most of the last month or two, HH RU has overtaken us a couple of times and all of the top alliances have strong teams. As long as 7DD has scrubs like me in, anyone has a chance. :grinning:

Also, the current alliance rankings are just based on two particular items: titan scoring and total cups. Alliance wars may be some sort of head to head battle between members or use a different scoring system. Have to wait and see.

There’s plenty of opportunity to have fun and do well for everyone.


Well that’s why mercing is still a thing. Titan loot > titan chest loot even individually quite often, let alone in aggregate.


Just keep on grinding. I find having a chatty alliance helps, you can vent and support each other.


Well these past few weeks this is the kind of junk rewards I am mostly getting daily for Wanted Mission Monster/Raids/Titan chests except the elemental purple chest which was better. Hopefully this bad streak does not last too long else :sob:


I got this, this week. (Last week was awful) :grin:


Wow I’m jelly. Nice haul.


I got a compass and trap tools on a 6* over the weekend. Which only means it will be months before I get a rare ascension item again :slight_smile:


Let me add another one from today