What is Team Cost?

I’m still new in this game and I can’t figure out what Team Cost is and why is it important?
Can someone explain?

Thanks in advance :blush:

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Each hero uses up a certain amount of team cost. A five star hero takes up 26 points of your total team cost (capacity). It is important because as you start out you are limited on total team power level

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As @Danfink3 said, there’s a “cost” for each hero on the team, and it’s much higher for higher star heroes.

In theory it caps how strong a team you can use early in the game. It may be because I started out without spending any money for a while, and have spent moderately since, but I never personally bumped up against that.

The team cost allowed goes up pretty quickly as your player level goes up. So unless you do a lot of Summons early on in the game, it’s not likely to impact you ever.

If you do find you’re bumping up against it, here’s a guide on player levels that includes the levels your maximum team cost increases at, and to how much:

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Thank you very much to both of you.
As I read all the forums I keep finding people mentioning it and because I never got any trouble with the subject I was wondering what was it about.
Now I have a pretty decent team and still not finding problems in the game with the team cost.
So I guess I passed the time for that already.

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