What is Team 1, 2, 3 Defense Team?


I press the defense team button, nothing happens. I accidentally found team 2 & 3 slots but they are empty. Do I need to be doing anything with them? If so, how?


It sounds like you’re in the earlier stages of the game where you have 5 core heroes that you use and that one team is all you have/require. At the later stages, as you acquire more heroes and ascend them, it becomes more complicated. People generally have a different team for specific purposes, for example I have a defense team, a titan team, and an offensive quest/raid team. It becomes more useful once you have more options. For now, don’t worry about it, stick to improving that one.


Also the team marked with “Defense” is the team that will be used as your defense when you are being raided.

And the one shown when someone inspects your character.


I am upgrading to L16 stronghold and I have 5 3* heroes all on max level and one extra that I’m powering up with troops that I get from training/battles & quests.


The defense team button marks it as the team you will use when someone attacks you. The team 1 is the default defense team when you start playing. That is why the button does nothing, because it is already pressed.

Go to teams 2-3 and you will see the button looks different, they don’t have the skull picture. Pressing it on them will mark that team as defense. I doubt it works, if there are no heroes in that team.

You can put heroes in those teams too. I use 3 different teams. One for defense, one for attack and one for titan fights. One hero can be in multiple teams. When you attack you can select what team you attack with.