What is "poach" in alliance?

Coz this PersonA recently joined our alliance. And soon after that, PersonB joined our alliance to remind us that PersonA is a poacher and it will causing our alliance to be blacklisted, so PersonB suggested us to remove PersonB. Right after that PersonB left our alliance, guess PersonB wanted to warn us about PersonA. I’m new with this “poach” term so can someone explain to me?

PersonB is trying to warn you that PersonA is going to try to recruit members from your alliance, AllianceA, to his alliance, AllianceB

Edit: a poacher is sorta like a thief


It might mean that person A will try to recruit players from your alliance. It’s a tactic that people use to find other players that might want to move to a bigger alliance. Although normally we would alliance hop into smaller groups or potentially dead alliances to see if anyone was interested.

I don’t think you can be blacklisted as an alliance though, so that’s a bunch of bs.


I can’t see an alliance getting blacklisted for having a poacher trying to steal away players.


Not officially, no. There’s no game function like that.

But several Line, Discord, Facebook, and other groups maintain lists of players and alliances with certain behaviors that other players want to avoid.

And of course actual Terms of Service violations can lead to restrictions on a player’s access to chat or the game, but that wouldn’t typically apply for something like this.


But it should be the player and alliance doing the poaching that gets watchlisted, not the victim.

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There are players that joins alliance, get some friends and then ask them to follow them to their “nest”.
I think that these are the poachers.


Join us! 20 members of your alliance!?
Follow me to the promise land! Better loot then you can possibly dream of! All hail the reptile tribe! :frog:

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Just leave a note in your message board during wars.

NOTE! " You can always join us after you lose this war guys."

No poaching there, lol.

There’s somethin happenin here
what it is ain’t exactly clear

For what it’s worth…

People who ‘get poached’ from alliances were either

  • Not looking to stay
  • Not happy
  • Not worth the alliance’s time

I don’t understand alliance-hopping after a certain point, but one thing is for sure… someone comes in and is disrespectful by trying to pull members away? They get the boot and the blacklist. It’s basic etiquette. Plus, I have a nasty hot pitchfork and steel toed combat boots that are great for kicking.

Hooray for our side.


I’ve seen people poaching before but not like this. Usually a person leaves (maybe even gets kicked) from an alliance because they fight with the leaders and when they join a new alliance they try to recruit the strongest members from the alliance they just left. This usually happens when there is drama within an alliance.

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I have contemplated of posting these words on my alliance message (that’s viewable to the public).


I was visiting an alliance to burn flags and someone had joined and added a message to in game chat…

That’s just rude! Definitely trying to poach.
Make your alliance invite only, and no more hawkers!

In my first alliance, we had one (poacher) and pretended to be just looking in until “I’ll take the top 6 and you dump the newbies”. He left and no one followed. An alliance is an alliance; bad form to opt out and dump people who want to participate and learn.

There are a lot of dead alliances out there. E&P won’t delete them. Many new players join these dead alliances because they come up as viable alliances to join. I have visited many and found great players wondering what the benefit of an alliance is.

I have poached (respectfully) about 10 of these players. I think it makes the game better and rescues some new players from quitting the game. It is not ok to recruit or poach from an active alliance.

A better solution would be for E&P to close alliances with months of inactivity.

Just my two cents.


This would be a good idea to have an auto kick for say 100 days inactive, however you’d have to be pretty confident there weren’t any bugs to implement it.

Would be pretty funny to see what would happen if one day everyone is kicked from every alliance


Some of these alliances have leaders and co leaders inactive for 400 days or more

I would think the best approach would be to auto assign a new active member as leader after 120 days. If no active member auto kick all the members and lock the alliance.

Back to poaching


Totally agree, I’m in an alliance war where the leader of the opposition has been inactive for 400 days and there are just two active members of a list of 30. It makes no sense to be there. Stuck forever fighting 2* Titans??

I’m hearing more conspiracy theories.