What is my best raid and war defence team?

Now I’m using
Merlin-Boldtusk-Boril-Khagan-LJ for raid
Boldtusk-Li-Xiu-Khagan-Rigard-LJ for war
Any sugestions?

For raid defense, you mean? I’m not a big fan of Merlin on defense – his special requires finesse to use well. Given your current state of heroes, though, this isn’t a bad choice of heroes.

For raid offense you should drop Boril and use a team more like the war defense you set. Also, you need to build out your hero bench to give you more diversity of heroes and flexibility of options.

Tibertus and Scarlett will give your team much more punch. I’m guessing you’re mat-constrained? Kiril is a very good hero, but he’s tricky to run with Boldtusk, as his weaker attack buff will overwrite BT’s strong one. Good add for Wars and places where you want more blue, but I generally would stick to BT.

Are you running TC20 yet? You really need some more 4* heroes.

Thank you😀, my TC 20 will be ready tomorrow.
And yes, I need 2 more blades for scarlet and 2 trap tools fo tibs.