What is my best defense, and who to ascend


Currently have Onatel as my tank, flanked by Boldtusk and Kiril, with Tiburtus and Little John on the wings. From my roster below, who should I level up to make my defense better? Thinking Ariel at least.

Also regarding Ariel (who I am currently levelling) , will I be best ascending her to 3td tier when I have the mats, or ascend Kiril to the 4th tier?


I’m fairly new to the game but Boldtusk and Kiril do similar thing, heal and attack, with defense added for Kirril. Ariel may be a good choice.
I have Boldy and Kiril not Ariel.
Some better, more knowledgeable players will definitely steer you in the right direction.
Have fun.


It looks like your leveling most of them at the same time, which is a good thing. Eventually your 5 stars will make to your defence team. I would go from left to right, Onatel, Tiburtis, Boldtusk, Little John, Kiril
But as Wolf9 said, more experianced players will pitch in :blush:


I’m liking Onatel as my tank as she has more health than Boldtusk, plus her mana steal is invaluable.


Max Caedmon and remove Little John, you lack an heavy hitter.

Considering that you have BT and Kiril, who both give buff on attack, and Tiburtus that debuffs defense, Caedmon would perfectly fit in and give a great boost to your damage. And Caedmon is fast, so even on the wing he will fire his special more often

Another thing: BT and Kiril both give attack buff, but those buffs won’t sum up. So if for example, Kiril fires his special and then BT fires his own, you would have just BT attack buff… it’s a waste.
Maybe I would put Ariel instead of Kiril, so you’d have healing and negative buff dispel… but wait for a more experienced player about that. It’s difficult to choose between Kiril and BT

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I like Kirils defense buff, but can see that Ariel buff dispel could be useful too. Will likely have her to 2/60 before I have the mats for Kiril to the 4th tier, so will maybe have a play around before then and see who I prefer.

As for Caedmon, I was thinking that would be the case, but it may take some time to get him up to the same level as I can’t get fine gloves anywhere! Little John’s negative mana buff is handy though.

I think LJ special is limited, as it last only 3 turns… I rarely had problems with that when I faced him.
Although with your current set up he can prove useful, as you have attack buff and defense debuff, making him more effective.

Also, he’s slow and weak on defense, it’s difficult to position him: he’d need to be closer to the center for mana charging, but that would mean a fast death. If you put him on the wing, he would be more protected but mana charging will be longer. Those are the main reasons why I would go with Caedmon.

I see he needs leveling, with a bit of luck for the time he gets 3/60 you will have the glove(s)

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