What is happening?


I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and basically loved it. That is not so much true any longer. I have/ had my own alliance that was pretty amazing. I’ve completed all the providence. I’ve faught every titan, have kill shots under my belt. I’ve even paid for things. So all this was for what? It is now become not fun.
RAIDS: WTH is up with this? I’ve spent time and money to get my team power to where it is and to have someone with a much, much less power come in and win a raid is crazy. At first I chalked it up as luck, ok fine… but when I go to revenge I lose? It takes 2 tries to actually win against a lower team power? Come on. So now I stopped raids. I have no new providence nor raids.
HEROS: I understand that you don’t want everything given to you but when you spend months and money for a better team but only end up with 3for the last 3 months it takes the joy away. No excitement you just know you wasted yet again your time and money. Not to mention the 1 5 you did get months ago takes all your lower hero’s to get to the point of ascension. Once you reach that point you have tons of ascension items, just nothing of what YOU NEED. So you do all the chests and everything offered and months later still nothing. It’s gotten boring and disheartening.
CHESTS: we used to get at least one colored chest a month, now I have not seen one in months, the last is it see of one, the rewards inside were the same as any chest. So there again boring.
HEROS: A couple of months after I started playing, I bought a hero… Wow she was a 5 star… months later she is still unable to ascend because while I have a ton of items, none are for her. Imagine that.
ALLIANCE: I started my own maybe 3 days after playing because I just loved this game so much,I had family and friends playing. Most have quit because of the disheartening way things have changed. But now, you start alliance wars… ok could be interesting but for 2 months, even though the cap on the alliance is 30, there is never more than 25?? No more, no less. As soon as 1 leaves 1 replaces within seconds or minutes. But never more than 25. Very strange indeed.
QUESTS: I can’t say how much I used to enjoy these special bonuses… but now we are using more world energy to complete them with very little in return. I fact just this morning I was trying to complete my quest with 8 hours left, for at least 1 of the rings I need to ascend my 5* but before i could get completely to the refilled energy… the quest vanished with still 8 hours and 23 min to go and replaced with gems and experience. WTH was that about?
So I have tried, I keep telling myself its all going to get better. I watched the Dantes alliance wars video, thinking, yes very cool. But then I saw all the 4* and 5* hero’s he had to choose from. I thought what? I have 1 team with 1 non ascended 5* and 4 4*s. That’s it. I all my time and money, that’s all I have ever gotten.
So I hope that new players will see this, pay attention and know that the game is full of frustration, it makes no sense and don’t waste a lot of time nor money because it really isn’t worth it. I gave up my alliance, and after this morning, I’m keeping my money and time for something better. Good luck. Hope it was better than my experience here.


@Sabra Did you notice that the quest bug is fix and Mount Umber is back?
If you stopped raiding and then not filling the hero chest, that may be the reason for getting less rare chest than before.
The more chests you fill the quicker you get the element chests…
I am not sure how the rare chests is affected if not filling it at all.
AW is a lot of fun and I hope you will enjoy it. I expect the matchmaking to work to make battles balanced. New alliances will not have hero rosters of 30 leveled 4* and 5* but any heroes can be used.


The alliance wars video that was posted is beta, they were given those heroes. Some are the next heroes of the month, so they can give feed back to the developers, and answer the questions the community may have. Don’t let that video discourage you. Most have the same issue as you. If you read the forums what you complained about is common. The game really isn’t about the destination it is the journey.


If you go back to raiding you’ll get more of the colored elemental chests as it is based on random rolls after a chest is completed.

Don’t sweat the alliance wars, you’ll be matched with an alliance of your level so you won’t get steam rolled by all 5* heros.

There is an alliance search bug they are working on that keeps people from finding the alliances woth more than 25 or 27 members (don’t recall the number). In the meantime post a recruitment ad in forum and try recruit chat


Hey, sorry to hear of ur frustration. May i ask how long uve been playing? Ive only literally started playing. Like 3wks ago, im at level 18 n im having a blast. Nt keen enuf to spend coin tho. But that kinda suks, feeling the way i feel rite now, about the game, to how you feel about it now. What do ya do? Do you think the love for it wld change if adjustments were made or is it past that point of coming back. Just curious. Hope u dont mind…


I’ve been playing for at least 8 or 9 months. Its just recently that it feels its going no where. Really sad too because I loved the game. So much I got family and friends involved


There have been so many changes over the last ten months, I don’t know where to start. Again and again, the Devs show that they are listening to us and making improvements to the game.

Just to mention a few:

This month (after who knows how much effort!), they brought us Alliance Wars, which continues to be rolled out.

Also we have the long-awaited second builder (and trust me, this baby has been mentioned over and over again for months by players who earnestly desired this feature).

HOTM’s have been added to the game.

Beta testing has been added to the game, to reduce balance issues and test new features.

Etc. Etc.

There is a post called The Shortlist, which gathered many player requests and gave indication which ideas were likely, and which unlikely, to be added to the game. You can search it if interested to see what is coming down the pike. I believe Season 2 is next. :wink:


:cry: don’t know what else to say. I think the game is a blast!


I have been playing for less than 5 months but been present here on the forum and i have seen major efforts from SG. They are listening, paying attention, have expanded the game and are expanding more and more. The have advanced players testing beta and are trying to make things fair and better for us.
They are making loads of money, and this is good for the game, for the business, and for the players. Long live empires!


the second builder has to be bought??


It always had to be bought.

When the game was only available to Android players at the very beginning, you could buy a second builder. When they opened the game to iOS in March 2017, the second builder didn’t work for some reason, so in the interest of fairness, they disabled it. Now it is working for all, and it returns in the same condition as before: a purchasable item.


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