What is hapenned?

To make her feel better too .
Since Atlantis came up I never pulled any 4* or 5* at all.
I have maxed 2 5☆ at all and 3 others of useless ones with no ascend materials at all.
Got my first 4 stars after 5 months of playing and my first 5☆ after 1 year.
Edit: Martis is She :no_mouth:


:rofl::rofl::rofl:is not he is she :sweat_smile:

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i always spent what i can afford to lose and always before i decide to spend , i expected the worst will be happened , it would be stress-free if i got nothing

i skipped this month atlantis pull amd will do next atlantis pull , as long you can control yourself would be no issue. and ofc it will happens on every single games.


Is true you right that’s what I am gonna do from now on control myself and dont give any of my dollars to them again ;play only with what ever they want to give me :woman_shrugging:This is how maybe the way they want …

I wasn’t reffering to that dear friend.
I had to make sure that

  • She is not 2 months player vause forum account is 4 days old!
  • To know her type will lead to better knowledge of best way to advice later.
  • To know what type of camps she runs to give better advices latet also to know if she runs TC13 whete no 5☆ at all!
  • To make her understand that odds are public fair and telling that chances are pretty low even before december2018 when her game was going perfectly

Wasn’t talking about odds but about the OP her self.
Even if I can see why you got that meaning to my post. @FrenziedEye

Have a great day.

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Oh I threw the haircut line in there for fun @Jedon that’s all :joy::rofl:

Sorry for any confusion

Edit: Oh I see the confusion, I was replying to the OP not you @Jedon. Apologies

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This is a little off topic here, but does anyone have an insight as to the next possible event after this Atlantis ?

I am hoping to spend my remaining gems possibly for something more meaningful :smiley:

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