What is hapenned?

Getting only 3* héroes from almost everything :camps,invocactions,atlantis I Think is a bug ;you guys should check that out most in my alliance are experiencing the same !!even that Im using my money and Donate it to this game still the same only 3* from everything

@Martis Sorry to hear about your bad luck on hero Summons. :confused:

It’s pretty common to get a lot of 3*, based on the appearance rate odds. I’ve even gotten entire 10-pulls with only 3* before.

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some get bad luck streak
some get insane good luck streak

blame RNG God


Is not only me most in my alliance is the same and I see lots of discussion here too about the same thing only 3* héroes

Yep, as you noted, it’s pretty common.

How is this posibble that they give 3 héroes of the month to the same person and no one to us that spend our money !!

30x pull , dont ask me bro , ask RNG God

10x or 30x pull didnt accumulate the % , you can get 30 HOTM if you are super lucky


I did more than 30 pulls so far during this month and nothing ;I understand I have to stop spending my money because is doesn’t worth at all…

yeah its your call , be gratefull and dont spend what you cannot afford to lose or regret

just as IRL , sometimes you worked hard 1000x than other but got 100x less , it happens

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Looking for some help and this is all I got lol thank you all for the support (very desapointed ) E&P will never care about players that support the game with time and money :persevere::persevere::persevere:


  • How long you been playing?
  • Which type of players are you C/P/W2P?
  • How high are your camps?
  • Do you have TC20? How many running camps on TC20?
  • Have you notice the odds in suppmons portals?

Asking cause you joined the forum just 4 days ago, must make sure to know you before trying to answer your issue.

Have a great day.


This is my level I been playing for more than a year

Is true that I opened this account four days ago but is because the odds were so Good to me but since december everyrhing change that’s is why I’m very desapointed because I play for more than 10 hours daily and spend money in the game to get better héroes but like I say oods are just unfair since december to me

If you’ve had good odds for nearly a year, and the last month or so is the first time you’ve had reason to be unhappy then you have had extremely good luck.

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On titans Im always A or A+ too

This only answer 2 questions my friend.

  • You are playing for more than a year.
  • You have 1 running TC20.
    So on those 2 answers I recommend you to run both TC20 for double chances instead of 1.
    Now please answer the other questions too :smile:

Unfortunately the odds don’t care about how old we are, how long we have been playing, what colour shoes we wear in the morning, whether we get a haircut from @Jedon, what we do for a living, and how much money we spend.

Most of us pull three stars too very frequently


to make you feel better , my Dec Atlantis , i pulled 120x and got only 1 Eve , no others *5

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:oh well we better look for an other game this is getting to dificult :grimacing:

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