What is Grimble at 3/70

Does anyone know stats for Grimble at 3/70? Is he better then gobbler?

I don’t know the stats but his survivability is alot higher, probably better even at 2.60. But his attack stats will be a lot lower.

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Grazul and Grimble both have very similar base stats so he should be close to this


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Thanks that helps me to decide who to level first

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Imo, Grimble’s stats kinda almost have the same gap as Boril. Not nearly as big bit kind of getting there. Grazul’s base gap is about 90 point difference where Grimble is 101. So she would be a better comparison than Boril.

Between taking Grimble to 3.70 or Cyprian to 4.70, what would you choose first? No other dark heroes to lvl at the moment.

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Reminder to those that use Riposte heroes.
Ideal riposte heroes should have high HP and low DEF.


Thanks @AirHawk, my Cyprian is already full lvld and grimble is still waiting his time :grin:
Edit - I see the answer is from December :sweat_smile: don’t know why the alert of your message have show today :man_shrugging:t2:

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