What is '..................' good for?

Boldtusk: makes a good tank.

Moved here at the behest of @sleepyhead this is designed to be a player tool so newer players like myself can utilise their heroes In the best way. So what are your heroes ‘good for’?


In that case, since this is meant to be a serious learning type thread, Boldtusk is good for much more than just tank. In fact, he’s not as useful at tank position once you get up into higher raid tiers. But he is absolutely still useful.

Very useful for titans because of his attack boost, and also a solid healer for other general kind of fights (I still use Boldtusk regularly in red stacks to take down teams that are a lot stronger than mine).

Mixes well with Triton if you want a higher heal.

or switch to his costume if you want healing more than attack buffing

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He is absolutely one of the best “all around” heroes in the game IMO. And to top it off, he isn’t that difficult to obtain. Even most fully F2P players will probably eventually get a BT in their rosters.

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Use mine all the time in my red stack.

As I use him in a team with Gazelle I use his costume more for the higher healing (Gazelle would remove any attack buff anyway)

Think mine is +19

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Got mine at +20 and with costume bonus maxed. Dude is an absolute beast. He holds his own alongside most 5* heroes easily. Definitely a staple hero that everyone should keep at least 1 copy of.

The Fighter talent and his natural sturdiness are also great for Boldtusk’s role, which is healing/support.

For those who color stack, he combines well with Red defense debuffers like Gormek and Wilbur.

But he can easily be added to just about any team!

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Vodnik: getting fried by Balthazar

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Balthazar: frying Vodnik

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