What is good about the game


Dear Forum,

as I see many claims and frustrating stuff, I decided to open a discussion for what people like in the game. Hope this will lead to a bit more motivation when people start to think about the good things…
Here is my first points:

  1. I like that I can level up a building and make a research at the same time
  2. I like to be part of an alliance and meet new people
  3. I like that small giants sometimes give us a gift when things went wrong
  4. I like the season specials as on Halloween and Christmas

What do you like?

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Nice discussion @Sorsha :). I agree with most of your points, although I’m pretty new to the game and haven’t seen a season special yet!

  1. I like the titan battles --> I’m far from the strongest player in my alliance, but still I hit pretty hard.
  2. I love the artwork. Although the feminist in me sometimes wishes the female heroes to be less… well… you know :D.
  3. I love doing the math. I record my battles and do the math afterwards to see if I can improve my battle strategy. It makes it a lot of fun for me.
  4. I love the suspense when a training (TC13 atm) is done, and a yet unknown hero is waiting for me to pick him up!
  5. I love to help/advise other people in my alliance to get the best out of their heros. And when the strategy works… makes me feel so happy!

Oh. And I love Wu Kong. He is the coolest hero I currently have in my deck, Reminds me of Hanuman <3. Cheers!


Thanks for your reply @GoVegan
Hope other members of the forum will add their thoughts.
My favourite hero is Grimm. I like that he wears no shirt. LOL


Lovely idea!

I particularly enjoy

  1. the great atmosphere and camaraderie in our alliance
  2. receiving help and advice, using it to become stronger, and passing it on to other players (pay it forward)
  3. working on - and finishing - a project (such as leveling up 2 heroes of each color + Wu Kong, for the titan) and now being able to reap the rewards
  4. the variety of things to be enjoyed and being able to develop and grow at my own pace (Depending, of course, on the alliance. Example: My 1st priority was titan. And when that project was finished, I was willing and eager to learn about improving in raids. Happily discovering that my roster of heroes - leveled up for the titan - is very useful indeed for staffing my attack team and adapting it to the current opponent)
  5. the nice Rare Quests which yield nice ascension materials
  6. the nice events which yield nice ascension materials (except for Avalon. I hated that, but I read that it was tweaked in the meantime)
  7. BIG ONE!!! The fact that SG actually listens to their players and takes their concerns and requests seriously - and takes action accordingly. THANK YOU!
  8. The in-game chat. This is the reason why I took up the game in the first place. I had been looking for a game like this, ever since I left another game with this feature, several years ago. And last August I found it. YEAH!!!
  9. The fact that EP caters to BOTH players who enjoy competition and challenges AND players who do not value competition at all and who play for the camaraderie, the chat, the fun. I am one of the latter group. I grab the completion reward for events and rare quests, and then I am a happy camper. Using the items to continue to grow at my own pace.
  10. The fact that SG - by listening to their players - continues to make a great effort to keep this game interesting, and nice, and playable, for BOTH competitive players AND players who just want to play in peace and / or who value a balance between effort and reward, and who refuse to waste (to our mind) extreme efforts for measly rewards. Examples: tweaking the Avalon event and tweaking Alliance Wars. Possible example: very nice completion reward for Guardian event Advanced. (I do not remember the completion rewards for the last Guardian event. But I happily bagged the lovely items.)

I enjoy the fact that SG listens to their players.
I enjoy the fact that all kinds of people with all kinds of personalities and preferences can play this game and enjoy it.


Wow @AnjaValkyrie. That’s a long and wonderful list :rofl:
I like your “like” on my topic :kissing_heart:


Aaagh … I forgot a point … I could never forgive myself for not mentioning this …

  1. the fact that there are strong, knowledgeable players active in this forum who give great advice and who help other players grow.

You know who you are. THANK YOU!!!


Very important point! I never regret to register here.


i like the quality of graphics. Heroes are really beatiful.

alliance system, we need to play together to defeat a titan, and a friendly alliance make the game way better.

Player who want to play alone can, it’s not an obligation to have an alliance.

PvP is good, can be better, but it’s still a good time for me to raid.

1st season was good, i am waiting for the 2nd.


Thanks Udo for your participation on that topic!
Hope you enjoyed to think about the good things this time :rofl:


i forgot the missions, the new one with avatar as a reward, that was really cool. Hope for more :slight_smile:


I like the randomness of the game, how I learn from experience to expect nothing then suddenly receive a run of great ascension materials or heroes.

I like when I snatch raid victory from the jaws of defeat, hitting a crazy run of matches when I’m almost dead.

I like that sometimes I lose to teams I should beat. (It makes me throw my phone when it happens, but it is deeply satisfying to know that I am vulnerable to bad luck and bad tactics.)

I like that the devs are constantly introducing new content.

I like that you can’t communicate with opponents in the game.

I like that the forum exists, and that I’m not the only person who cares enough about a silly game to post here.


There’s way too many things i like of this game. Really.
Never played something like this, i’m really addicted now and it’s funny because i download it just by chance, lol.

Too many things and i’m too lazy to say them all.
What i can say is that i was searching something similar on google play the other day, and i don’t found anything nearly interesting as this game.


I hope I’m not duplicating anyone too much here…

  • I love the balance of F2P and P2W, that one isn’t catered to more than the other, like other games I have played.

  • Really like the artwork, the balance of male and female heroes wearing armor styles from all over the world; I always feel I can find one to represent me. :grin:

  • LOVE RARE QUESTS! Gimme a feature that gives guaranteed ascension items, even if I have to work hard to get there.

  • Like the customizable city that I can’t screw up; every one gets the same buildings, but I WILL arrange mine differently! :wink:

  • Love the amazing player content like Coppersky’s Compendium and Xorana’s wonderful stories.

  • Love the continual adds and upgrades to the game from a Dev team that actually listens.

  • Love the diversity of the players here; so many that contribute so much to the game!


Same here, donwloaded without expecting anything
Then i enjoyed the strategy, the game plan.
I like the fact that this game is like a life, everything takes real time to build, research, gather material, ascention items are super rare but accessible.
In the beggining i was in a rush to get my heroes maxed, this week i finally maxed Wu and Grimm, finished the advanced and intemrediate challenge event without difficulty. And guess what? It was fun when it was tougher!!! Now i have a bunch of heroes to level and fight raids till i see @Rook and press the attack button :wink:


Many thanks for your replies! I started to join the forum because i was really upset about something and started to read so many claims from other members. Then i began to think about why those people (including myself) still play the game? My intension with this topic seams to work. We all should think about why we still play this game and stop claiming every single sometimes unimportant aspect. It is quite ok to ask some things but i hope some guys stop posting in a way too angry style and think about their attitute and current behaviour.


It’s easy to complain when you expect a game that panders to you and you don’t get it. That’s one of the things I like most about it—building a team that looks great on paper only to find out that you got it all wrong and need to shift. I did that and am now reaping the rewards. I also like the diversity of heroes and the fact that there are reasons for leveling each and every one, even if they will only be used as a backup. Mostly, I like what the game is now and how many things are on the horizon, there is always something to look forward to.

Keep up the good work, SG!


This is a game that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. The gameplay is deceptively simple at first glance, but to really hit like a mean hard boss, you must use strategy. Strategy on the board, strategy when to use which special, strategy on the hero roster, strategy when to use which potion/item. Luck is a factor as well, but it takes proper strategy to provoke more really good luck or to cope better with really bad luck.

This is a game that offers variation to it’s gameplay. Raids, AW, quests, storyline, events, they all follow the same basis but have individual rules that really make up for a varied experience.

This is a game that rewards the long haul and perseverance. Some complain about lack of luck, but the only true thing you can do against it bad luck is to try again, and again, and again. It’s all about the number of grabs. The longer you play, the more often you play, the more grabs. I game like a diesel, this is my kind of game.


I’m impressed with how much I love this game.

I love the rich, bright colors. Part of why Candy Crush is so popular is the saturation of bright, vivid colors. The eyes are drawn and the mind stimulated like the temptation of a Tide Pod.

I love the speed with which the points refill. If I am filling up a monster wanted chest, I can make some potions, level up some heroes, and get a building or two under construction, and I can finish off that map to get the monster chest achievement.

I love the reward of the tokens. It means I can screw up by using a character to train up, and get a new person tomorrow, or as a prize, or for a thank you or mission. Tokens fall out of the sky regularly so I have the freedom to experiment with different team configs and players.

The combos have saved my butt so often, I can’t believe it! It also means if I fail this screen, it’s not a huge loss. I just try again in a second and the combos might take me to the boss screen in no time. It also encourages me to try a tougher screen because the combos might work in my favor next time.

I like how the items don’t stop being useful just because your heroes are higher level now. And that there are larger versions for bigger fights doesn’t negate the usefulness of the lower items.

I like that Aife and Jill are obviously twins! (Yeah, yeah, person in the back. I get they were the same model. But Jennifer isn’t out there kicking butt on rat monsters. Aife and Jill are.)

I appreciate that some of your women characters have clothes on. I wish more did. Having Elina with a bare belly and boob armor just makes me shake my head. Then you have Priscia, who is wearing armor that won’t kill her! That was very cool to see!

Thanks for not making the PVP ugly and brutal. The risk of having my base destroyed because some jerk was bored at 2 AM made me not even restore my watchtower until after I had joined an Alliance. The owner of the Alliance let me know they only had access to my watchtower and nothing else. That was brilliant, and I thank you.

I like the alliance option. Like others have said, it’s nice to support others and get their support. The new war aspect seems interesting too. So far, no complaints!

Thanks for the auto-attack feature too. Makes farming totally worth doing! It’s not tedious and I can make toast while it happens!

Mmmmm… toast…

Thanks for such an enjoyable game! I’ve gotten my friends to give it a shot too.

Tanglwyst (aka Darth Snowflake)


Thank you for bringing this up.

  1. I like the thrill of pulling heroes from Training Camp 20 especially when it’s an Azlar >:]
  2. I like competition, I love competing in the events and the new alliance wars addition
  3. I love risky merc-ing ;D
  4. I love grinding, even though I have finished the worst part and my long time goal of all TC at 20.
  5. I love my alliance, I have the best team mates ever!


Thanks for helping @GoVegan