What is going on?

Hey guys! I have decided to share something frustrating with you and maybe hear your point about this (as i think it is) unusual issue happening to me. It’s been more than 20 days since i last got a rare ascension item from titans or wanted missions and mystic vision. I have even forgot how they look. I have completed so many chests with 100 monsters and raids, opened 3 times titan chest for this period and did not miss any titan. Yet i have not received anything - an issue that never happened to me nor have i heard from anyone active to have such a problem for so long period. I have even completed a rare wanted green chest yesterday (hoping of breaking that luck) and my ascension rewards were tall boots and battle manual book - items that i can freely farm on the map. The only ascension items i got recently are those from completing the event that past already. Apart from those - nothing. So is it just me unlucky or are those percentages lowered? I have spent so many hours on the game, hoping to improve without investing anything and try to catch those who pay and i really like the game but recently i found it very frustrating. Not only that 5s heroes are so hard to pull for normal players but now i find it hard to find the materials i need to improve the few good 4s and 5*s i have. I mean if moderators want to make us quit the game and let just payers play, why they just not make it payable in the store?

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Thus is just the game and the randomness of it all.
You do not state how many 4* ingredients you got. I have had similar bad luck but when I looked at the increase in ingredients I had got a lot of 4* bits
Just hang in there it will turn around

It seems to come in waves but I do think whining really helps! Every time I started pouting I seem to get a little reward … :rofl:


Surely nothing strange i say. Just couple of days ago i recieved mystic rings from the 5* blue titan. And the next 5* fire titan gave me mystic tonic AND telescope! That is weird… both of those were normal titans.

Not even once have i recieved 4* mats from the higher titans 8-11* exept one rare yellow who gave me bonus darts.

This game is what it is… sometimes very rewarding, sometimes not :slight_smile:

It happens with me that I finish all the tasks required in the hope of getting things of value, but this does not happen

Same Situation same feeling. If i would not buy Mystic Rings (Example) i would in a timeframe of 9 Month got total 3 Rings as example… oh u dont believe me Developers check my logs…

We have two players who only got ONE 5 star after playing almost a year. I actually asked the question on here whether that is normal.

Since I’ve asked they’ve each received two or three …

It’s just a funny, random, crazy game :neutral_face:


When i wrote rare ascension materials i did not mean only 4* but also 3* that can not be farm. Those for 4* heroes such as shields, gloves, compass, cloack etc. Shortly all rare 3* and 4* ascension items.

It doesn‘t matter *3/4/5 everything is rare for me currently…

99% of time i get such thing of chests - my loot for today Titan looked similiar eachday same crap

It happens. It’s shitty, but it happens. My advice: develop quirks and superstitions.

For me, it’s linked to Tabikat, the leader of my alliance. She’s magic and has the power to make it rain in times of drought: everytime I have a dry spell and go a-whining, she gives me her blessing and ascmat pours in again.
I say, find the rituals that work for you. Farm only with Dawa, recite poetry to your phone, threaten it with a hammer: the possibilities are endless, potientially silly and defiinitely will allow you to endure the frustration better.

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I know what you mean…same crap too more than 20 days already. I dont say we should win an ascension item every titan or loot but 2-3 items a week is just fine as you open more than 20 chests a week (monster, titan and raid), around 9-10 mystic vision and a titan every day…that’s a lot of chances to get at least 2-3 items a week…instead 20 days nothing lol.

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