What is going on with the mystic vision

So now mystic vision is asking if they can track our device usage, and if you say no hairy legs, no more adds. One of the basic functions of the games.

SG you are scraping low boys and girls, scraping low


I clicked no on that, and I still get ads. Though sometimes I have to restart the game to get them to appear, and it’s mostly the same 2 or 3 ads over and over again.

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They can look into my phone as much as they want.

They will only find i buy few and complaint a lot :face_with_monocle:


I got this and after saying nothing was available, a new add was there shortly afterwards.

The adds are contracted out, they aren’t SGs own content.


Only reason I clicked no on that, wasn’t because I have anything to hide… Google already knows everything there is to know about me (and like you, I don’t buy very much, so nothing an advertiser would be interested in)… I clicked no because that would just be one more app collecting data on me, and presumably storing that data on my phone, taking up more space on my phone. Plus I’m against the idea of businesses storing people’s personal information on general principle.

“Targeted advertising”. I don’t need that. If there’s something I want to buy, I know how to find it myself. I don’t need some company telling me “if you like that, you might like this too… here, buy it! BUY ITTTT!!! You know you want to!”


I clicked yes. I have only seen this fat loss pill ad for the past week :(.


LOL that’s the same one I keep getting. Every time I scream at my phone, “STOP TELLING ME I’M FAT!!!”


I like the “personalized ad” idea, and I know some things about how it works. I’m learning about this stuff in college right now. I think (not sure, but I think) we were already getting personalized ads before today, but today they decided to let us know what was going on and give us a chance to opt out. Giving a chance to opt out is beginning to be an option other places, too.

The shortcoming of this personalization, though, is it picks ads based on what you’ve shown you like. Or at least, from what a computer can tell. I would really like it if I could get on MoHub and tell them specifically what I don’t like. I don’t care if you show me ads about some idle game or Mistplay or whatever, but I don’t like the highly sexualized game ads. I want to say "you frankly don’t have anything that highly interests me so I don’t have anything to tell you there, but please don’t show me that stuff. I’m always hesitant to show my age when these ad companies ask for it. I’m left thinking “so what, if I tell you I’m over 18 and a male you’ll assume I’m loving porn? Nah, I’d rather you think I’m 3”

Not saying I’d recommend jumping to that conclusion, but from the little I know, such information might make certain ads more likely


Since the update, my mystical vision no longer works at all. I already talked to the support, but nothing has happened so far. But I have not yet been asked whether I would like personalized advertising. Would like to agree, if only that would make the mystical vision work again.

The only ad I’ve seen for the past two months, maybe longer, is the Facebook ad. I’m not on Facebook. Apparently someone out there really, really, really wants me to be on Facebook. :wink:

I clicked NO on the recent option, and then it said no ad was available, then a couple minutes later, I watched an ad… the same Facebook ad I’ve been seeing over and over for months.

But that’s OK, I don’t mind the repetitive ad… I know exactly which point it gets to when I can click the X and make it go away.

Good gaming!


Was wondering what was going on this morning…I was half asleep and couldn’t really understand what it was asking I thought it was an ad clicked the X 2 times then got a normal ad so meh

One of my alliance asked if this is “legit”. Since then, others and I have also received this in mystic vision. We’re uncertain what to do with it…

Thank you for clarifying.

I checked no, I do not need a third party checking my “interests” and sending me supposedly tailored ads. Get enough of that garbage with Yahoo, google, etc.


Ever since I clicked “no” on that ad tracking pop up, MV has been very stingy about giving me ads. I have the “No ad available. Check back later” message over MV currently, despite it being a couple hours since the cool down timer reset and restarting the app multiple times.

What do i need to do to get mystic vision. Leos telling me I’ve exhausted them! Closed app multiple times. Have even rebooted. Still nothing. Is there a fix to this. Thanks

same stuff, tried to delete game, before that to delete cache and data, restart few trimes not helped🤯

Just perfect! Now they have disabled my only source for 4* materials :clap:t2:

Do you not get the rare events like Morlovia that’s there now? Sounds like your game is indeed broken because we should all be getting those 4* mats.

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