What is going on with level required for alliance wars?

So, I am really confused now. Last week, recruited a member for alliance right before we had our first run of battles. They were level 5, which I know level 4 to be in an alliance right? They went to go set up their defense team on our battlefield and it said they had to be level 7 to participate. Now, I have an alliance member who is level 10, and he went to go set up his defense team and it is telling him that he has to be level 12 in order to participate. I must say, this is rather confusing and frustrating. First of all, why would anybody not meeting the requirements even show up in the battlefield? Can somebody please shed some light on this? I personally don’t think it makes any sense.

Weird, I thought it was 7, I have spots for 5 and 7, not sure if they have tried to access yet

I thought it was 7 also, but my member that is 10 can’t set up his team. Which makes me lose credibility with people

Why would you lose credibility for something SG changed?

You can get from 10 to 12 easily in 24h if he really wants to partake; stupid alt (which is going to get owned in this war, matched with an alliance of 3 one of which has 3500 TP this is going to be epic fail) is in but stupider alt at level 6 is getting the “you must be level 12 to participate”

I’m not sure what the right breakpoint is but I do think higher is better in some respects.

I say if you’re in the alliance, they should let you partake. No downside to being little, in fact it helps, unless they eliminate nonqualifying members from the matchup points (im assuming they don’t, but you never know)
My alt fought with mostly unlevelled 2 stars last war and is only slightly better this week. Inwill score a few points to help the effort and spread their attacks out one more

I fought with 3 teams last week. I had a 4*/3* mixture, a 3* team, and 2* team. I did not win a single battle but I did score points for our alliance. I think it says a lot for people to actually just try. But the thing is, if enough people stop participating in these wars, they may just eliminate them- who knows?

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I thought it had something to do with spaces needed for 30 heroes.

Must now go ask. :grin:

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You start with 25 or 30. You go so fast in those early levels

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True. I’ve forgotten. :pensive:

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Thanks for bringing this up, seems like we forgot to add this change to the latest release notes. My apologies for the lack of communication on this! We made the change for the latest war and the player level required to participate is indeed now 12.

We have now added this information to the change log and announcement.


Thanks so much for easing my mind because I thought I was losing it- LoL :rofl: