What is Defense team grade in Raid Tournament?

I started the Raid tournament, all good, I like it, I have a full upgraded 4* team as a defense team, but in the defense tab it says “Your current Defense Grade: C”.
What is that mean?
And can it be B or A?
How do you get to A?
I don’t get it.

click on the “?”

C is the default starting point. Once your team has to defend it will change based on outcomes.


I’ve seen it now.
Blinded by grade C glare - I didn’t see the question mark helper button


Thank you, @Rockstar9280

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anytime. It took me a bit to get around everything in there too.

SO if this is the bonus points you get for winning on defense each day, How do they determine the points beating a defense team is worth because it does not correlate with these points

Does anyone’s defense tab show any defenses? Are they being recorded yet?

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