What is Defense team grade in Raid Tournament?

I started the Raid tournament, all good, I like it, I have a full upgraded 4* team as a defense team, but in the defense tab it says “Your current Defense Grade: C”.
What is that mean?
And can it be B or A?
How do you get to A?
I don’t get it.

click on the “?”

C is the default starting point. Once your team has to defend it will change based on outcomes.


I’ve seen it now.
Blinded by grade C glare - I didn’t see the question mark helper button


Thank you, @King_Nothing

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anytime. It took me a bit to get around everything in there too.

SO if this is the bonus points you get for winning on defense each day, How do they determine the points beating a defense team is worth because it does not correlate with these points

Does anyone’s defense tab show any defenses? Are they being recorded yet?

Hi, I’m not sur defense grade C is fair for teams that have not defended yet, that means that a good defense gets the same score as a crappy defense, just because the computer hasn’t picked them on day 1. I would prefer that each team has to defend at least once on day 1.

Basically if I win all my attacks on day 1 I still rank below all other teams who also won all their attacks, but who got a chance to defend that day. That is too random IMHO.

Defense score is only added after the 5-day tourney.

Actually, to be fair, a tourney defense without having been able to defend yet should not have any defense score whatsoever. Being graded as C is the midpoint, equaling to 500 pts, while grade A is 900 pts and grade D is 200 pts. It would be unfair if a tourney defense without being attacked is given 900 or 200 pts. I’d rather have that 500 pts.

It is highly possible that several players have been matched to a certain tourney defense team. The problem is, that player may have failed to attack either possibly by reason that it is an inactive account or that the player simply didn’t logged in on that day, or that the supposed attacker may have already been eliminated, or that the designated attacker was just not in the mood to participate in the raid tourney.

There are other factors, too. It doesn’t matter if the player has superb defense. It may be possible that the attacker has a lucky board or good strong and sturdy heroes or a capable puzzle player. There is no impenetrable defense. All defense can be beat with the right emblemed heroes, leveled troops, a bit of skill and a ton of luck.