What is defense shields

I have Jott and he can get 64% damage increase for his shield but at the same time the defense shields damage is reduced by 57% I never see defense shields so I have no idea what they do but I have xnolphod and when I leveled him I’m going to use him as a tank with Hannah flanking with the 2 would defense tile damage increase

It means when Jott is used in defense, the affected blue tiles for your opponent has lower damage when hitting your heroes.
Similarly for Xnolphod, when he is in defense, the opponent gets less mana when matching affected purple tiles.


‘Shields’ is the official term the game address as tiles


I know that tiles are called shields but what I don’t know and the only question I would like answered is if tile damage can be decreased can it also be increased by adding more heroes of a certain color

When another player is attacking/raiding you they will get minus 57% attack if they match blue shields once your Jott has activated his special skill.

Yes it’s called Stacking, ie using multiple blues against a fire tank or fire Titan. Especially effective when using Jott and Miki in a team against a fire Titan.

Bruh, this is literally what you wrote. Not to mention the title of this post

The way you worded this, do you mean whether the slash attack on defence could be increased with mono stacking, because you mention a xnolphod tank? Hmm, good question, never really noticed it. Tile damage has always been an attack term, never a defence term
Sorry it’s really confusing what you meant. you talk about jott, and then suddenly xnolphod and Hannah, all in one sentence.

It’s not at the same time. The 64% damage increase is when Jott is used for attack. The 57% damage reduction is when used for defense. It’s situational.

Fewer words can you increase defense tile damage.

Because Jott can decrease defense tile damage I was wondering can you also increase it