What is better to get min. 4* heroes. Elemental calling or Epic calling?

Looked up if there was something about this.

I’m wondering, if i want fi Tiburtus, would i likely to be more succesful by a purple calling or by the Epic calling?
Did some calling and had even some 5 :high_brightness: from calling, Just wondering if i have more chance to get Tiburtus or Kiril by using the upper specific elemental calling or the Epic calling. Which would be more rewarding?

@ being confused :smiley:

If you want a specific hero like Tiburtus you should choose purple (dark) summon. It has a lot less options to roll


Elemental summon hands down.

You can get a specific hero even with a free token, but at the same time it is possible to win the lottery finding the ticket on the road.


Better yet, wait for the Event Summons coming up on Thursday. My experience has been that the odds of a 4* (in particular, a 4* event hero) are higher on Event rolls than Elemental or Epic rolls. And the event 4* heroes from Guardians are well worth having.

Event? where do i find information about events?

On the second weekend of every month there is a three-day Challenge Event. Search for Guardians of Teltoc, I’m sure there are many threads about the upcoming event.

There where you usually find all the important information - at the news section. This time it should be Teltoc again…

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Did blue 10x just after it started today. Boril, Kiril, Sonyax2, Grimmx2. I had stockpiled 1/2* blue heroes waiting.

Plan came together.


6 four stars? Much better than usual! Make sure to keep a copy of each hero. You may even want to keep all 4* for wars.

I have a Grimm at3^60. The third became food. I have been very lucky most pulls and feel ok with letting some die.

My worst pary is always the threes.

I remember like it was yesterday.

When i start playing i decide that sooner or later i had to spend some money (not much, i was planning to spend 50-60€, same of a console game) so i decided to try to get some “targets”.
At that time reading on the forum, Boldtusk was surely the most discussed as “a 4* better then many 5* heroes”, so i immediately put him as my priority and go for a 10x red pulls.
I thinked to myself that if i don’t get him, i probably get some juicy 5* red.
In that pull i get Colen, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek and… Hell.

I remember to had thinked to be quite unlucky to not get a 5* red.
Now if i recall it, it was by far my best pull.

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