What is better tactic for titanscores


We are in 2 camps in our allie.

1 says just hit every Titan till the end is best even if you see at 11 hrs you can not get it

1 says stop at 11 hrs and get 3 attacks for the next dragon. You miss more dragons of you just keep on hitting.

Who can tell more


If you’re not going to beat it do stop, otherwise you’ll get caught in a cycle where you lose more than you beat, when you could probably beat the next one if everyone was ready for it.


Definetly the second one. There is no reason whatsoever to hit a titan that you can’t take down, much better to charge flags for the next one.


As our alliance leader I look around the 9 hr mark. If we are off pace then I tell everyone to quit hitting. Save for next Titan.


9hr mark is a little late, if you do it at 11hr then everyone gets full flags for the next one.


If you cannot beat the titan, I would strongly suggest to stop hitting at the 11 hour mark.
This way, all ally members will have 3 flags for the next one.

The 9 hour mark makes no sense, to my mind. You will not have 3 flags for the next one. Why waste a good flag on the measly escaped titan loot?


Definitely stop at 11 hours if you can’t beat it. Best to have full flags for the next titan beat it fast and beat the titan after that as well. It’s leadership’s role/job to make these calls so the alliance is on the same page.


A further vote for a 12 hour assessment and stand down… can’t see any team advantage to hammering away hopelessly


continuing to hit a titan youbknkw you can’t beat just leads to not getting the next one, which is just dumb.


I would add to not use items on titans you already know you can’t beat from the start.

I mean, if you are already empty from the one before or you face a titan that you already know it will be difficult for your team (because you already saw it)… Just spare your items for a good one.

Good alliances have good organisation, both in titans and wars.
Be stubborn and waste precious items in a bad fight dosn’t help anyone.


9 hour mark here… in case of levelers 2 flags is enough (the 1 flag won’t be on everyone and if its close ppl will flask)

We also use the color of the alliance banner to alert member… so any co leader can also call it quits


We start asking around the 11 hour mark who has how many hits left, close to leveling, flasks (rare Titan only), etc. If there are lots of pending hits then we’ll reevaluate at 9 and so on. I have people from Australia to the US to Europe to Africa in my alliance. With the time zones need to wait sometimes


I agree with all above. We assess at the 11Hr mark. Wasting effort and items in an unwinnable contest is pointless.


I see a point in option 1) only at the very beginning.
Up to 4-7* titans (which exactly depends from alliance to alliance), often a titan with N stars is very easy to beat (killed in less than 11h even if the members start almost empty on flags), while a titan with N+1 stars is still very hard and flees more often than not.

Suppose you’re in such an alliance and N is 4 for you: 4* easy, 5* pretty hard/escapes often.
If you’re facing a 5* that you know will flee, most probably you will face a 4* afterwards. Since you know that beating it in under 11h won’t require the alliance to be full on flags, you can spend some more hits on the 5* to practice on it. I’d only recommend not to waste items (or just use very cheap ones) when you perform these practice hits, otherwise you’re not wasting flags in the end, but you’re wasting your arsenal.

EDIT: the further hits on a titan about to escape can also be used to improve one’s loot tier, although I would consider it only in the case described above, or similar. Reference:


Good pont @alcaselzer. Worth considering.